Ice and Fire

Chapter 145 Something Had Gone Wrong (Part One)

Cherry felt bad for him. 'I don't want to go either, ' she thought. 'But what about Joe? What should I do with my son now?' She felt very frustrated and confused, and also felt that she wasn't prepared enough for the first meeting between father and son, because there were some other things that needed to be dealt with first.

Eventually, Cherry made up her mind, and as she pushed Jackson away, she said, "Jackson, I'm really sorry."

After she said this, Cherry left resolutely, without looking back at Jackson for a moment.

Jackson looked at Cherry's disappearing figure and felt as if he had lost something crucial to his own existence, but why? Why couldn't he keep his beloved wife beside him? Wasn't he trying hard enough already?

Cherry walked out of the apartment and got inside her car, still feeling emotional; she had no idea how she had managed to get out of there. She couldn't bear to leave Jackson, but for the sake of her son she had to, so that Joe could live a good life.

After Cherry calmed down she started the car's engine and drove away from the apartment building.

Inside a red car, not far away from where Cherry's car was parked, Sally was silently observing her every move. After she saw Cherry leave, a flame of hatred lit in her heart, and she thought, 'Cherry, you've forced me to hurt you, so don't blame me for whatever I'll do next!' Infuriated, she continued on her train of thought, 'Jackson, since you love her so much, I have to find a way to destroy her completely, or otherwise you'll never pay attention to me or love me.'

Then, she also started her car, and left.

Cherry drove her car to the JS Group and pulled over at the parking area of the building. After she entered the administrative area, she saw that Caroline was terribly overwhelmed with almost everything that needed to be done that day in the office.

her bag and walked up to her, and asked, "Caroline, how much work have you done today? Let me help

raised her head and saw that Cherry was the one talking to her. She replied, "Oh, Cherry, thank goodness you're finally back!


unburdening her of a great amount of work off her shoulders.

off duty time, Cherry and Caroline finished their

Cherry asked Caroline,

of her clients; I guess that she won't be coming back here

nodded, and said,

Caroline suddenly thought of something, and with curiosity in her voice, said, "I heard from Miss Selina that you asked for a couple of days' leave.

said, "Oh! I was engaged in something, but because it was over sooner, I came back

smiled. "You're so kind, Cherry, " said Caroline cheerfully, "I feel much better with you around here in the office. If it weren't for you I would

also replied to her with

few days'

busy engaged in her work, the elevator door opened. She raised her head and saw

cheerfully and respectfully greeted

and thought that maybe she had misread the time. She checked her watch, and then asked Cherry, "You should have been off duty half an hour ago. Why

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