Ice and Fire

Chapter 148 What Did You Come Here For (Part One)

When Cherry entered her bedroom, she found that Joe had already gone to bed. Joe noticed that Cherry's eyes were red and knew that she had been crying, but he didn't ask her about it.

After Cherry also got into bed, Joe moved close to her and hugged her tightly.

"Haven't you fallen asleep yet, Joe?" asked Cherry, while still trying to calm herself down. Even though she wanted to be more tender to her son, in that moment she couldn't.

"Mommy, you've cried...Was it because of daddy?" Joe guessed right. He also knew that the reason why his mother hadn't returned back home the previous evening wasn't what she had told him to be. If he guessed it right, his mommy must have been with his daddy.

Cherry knew that her son had already figured it all out, and she decided to be honest with him. After all, he had to meet Jackson, sooner or later.

"Joe, if we would go back to live with daddy, would you be willing to do that?" suddenly asked Cherry.

Joe earnestly answered her, "What about you, mommy? If mommy wants to go back, then so does Joe. Joe wants to be with mommy forever."

Cherry then hugged her son tightly, and said, "Joe, your father isn't an ordinary man. If we go to live with him, there might be dangers and you might get hurt. Would you go even so?"

Joe listened to Cherry's words, and thought that his Daddy, Jackson was indeed a special figure, as he had already assumed he was.

Joe didn't answer Cherry's question, but instead asked back, "Mommy, do you want me to speak my mind?"

wasn't surprised by her son's smart question, and quietly said, "Go ahead.

for daddy's love, and every time when I saw other kids accompanied by their daddies, I envied them. Although Uncle Wilson is kind to us, he can't replace daddy after all,

there's another woman at daddy's side, and thus there would be a

a five-year-old kid, was able to speak out of his mouth such reasonable words. Although she had known that her son was clever, she would have never believed that he was able to reason things out so logically

to go back to your daddy?" asked Cherry.

go back, then we'll go back together. Don't worry, I'll

and Joe was indeed the best gift

arms. She stared at the ceiling and earnestly said, "Joe, your Uncle Wilson has

all up to you, mommy, " Joe said sweetly.

breakfast and

that Caroline had already arrived there, and with a smile

Cherry, and replied, "Good

then looked inside Selina's office and asked, "Has Miss Selina also

yet, " answered Caroline,

also started to clear

Cherry and Caroline both greeted her when they saw her coming towards them. Selina nodded to them, took a quick glance at Cherry, and then entered

talk with Selina or not. When she thought about it, the only people who were able to help Wilson were Stephen and Selina, but because Stephen could also barely manage his own financial issues

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