Ice and Fire

Chapter 150 Surprising Discovery

"John!" eventually cried Cherry. She was also very surprised to see him there.

John was accompanied by his secretary. He gestured to him to leave first, and after the secretary left, he turned to Cherry, and said, "Cherr, what are you doing here?"

"Well, uh..." Cherry wasn't quite sure whether she should tell him about it or not. She thought for a while, and finally said, "I'm here to meet Jackson."

"To see my uncle?" John couldn't believe his ears. He continued to ask her, "Are you together with him again?"

Cherry shook her head, and replied, "No, I just have something that I need to talk with him."

John saw that Cherry looked pretty anxious, and it seemed that she indeed had something urgent with him. Concerned, he asked, "What is it about? Can I help you?"

Cherry quickly refused him, "Oh, no, thanks; it's about my brother."

"Wilson?" John immediately guessed that it had something to do with Wilson; he was the only person that Cherry called brother.

"Yes, " replied Cherry, while nodding her head lightly. She didn't know why, but she regarded John as being a reliable friend, and told him everything frankly. "My brother's company is facing financial difficulty, and I want to ask Jackson to help the company pull through."

"Why did you ask him for help?" John felt a little bit strange. He knew his uncle well, and he knew that he would never do anything without gaining a benefit out of it.

John continued to ask, "Did he tell you what his give-and-take conditions were?"

"No, he just told me to see him here."

John thought it over for a while, and then looked into Cherry's eyes, and said, "Cherry, do you believe in me? If you do, then please don't turn to my uncle for help. Don't worry, I'll figure something out how to help you with your brother and his company."

remembered Stephen's words, and thought that maybe out of all of them, John was the only one who was

believe John, and

for a while and came up with a rough plan in his mind. He said, "I still have some money, and I can lend it to your brother; then, I have some business partners who can also help

after she heard John's plan. If there would be more companies to partner up with Wilson's, then things were going to go a whole lot better

and said, "Thank you, John, I really appreciate your

smile, and delightedly said, "You're always welcome, Cherry!"

keep up to her promise, he would surely be mad at her. Anyway, if she didn't need to ask for his help anymore, there was no harm in

have to. Anyway, I don't need to turn to him for help anymore; I'll only have a small talk with him

that she should go to see him. If she didn't arrive when he was expecting her, then Jackson was

and again told her, "Okay, just go ahead, but remember not to ask

nodded, and replied, "Okay, got

left between them, he was still as sincere and kind as he had always been with her. She felt very lucky,

arrived at the door of the appointed room. She then summoned up all of her

he gestured to her from inside

and she saw that the room was obviously a presidential suite. The luxurious decorations were impressive, and Cherry

Are you here just to see the presidential suite?" said Jackson with

looked at Jackson,

you I had no choice but to stay here all day long, " said Jackson in a teasing manner.

She thought

suddenly walked closer to her, and while he grabbed her waist,

eyes; she instead bowed her head, and said, "I just came to tell you about it, and anyway, I promised that I would

to answer his question, and suddenly realized that the woman had many secrets hidden away from him. In the morning, she had been anxious to ask him for help, but now she told him that everything had been settled and that she didn't need his help

this question. She was

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