Ice and Fire

Chapter 152 Buy Her A Villa (Part Two)

Cherry angrily looked Jackson, and said, "Jackson Chu, my name is Cherry Shen!"

Jackson cheekily grinned at her, and said, "But you're also Mrs. Chu, aren't you?"

Cherry looked at Jackson's cheeky grin and didn't know how to deal with him. She said, "I don't want to talk with you anymore; I want to go home."

She then took her bag, stood up from her seat, and left.

When Jackson saw that Cherry actually wanted to leave, he also stood up. He grabbed her by the arm, and said, "Let's pay the bill and leave together."

After they went to the cashier's desk, Jackson paid the bill with his credit card. They then took the lift down to the underground parking lot.

Jackson grabbed Cherry's hand and walked slowly. He was afraid that she would leave him too soon if he walked fast, and wanted to spend as much time as he could with her.

Cherry didn't say anything and walked slowly, just as Jackson did.

Jackson suddenly stopped, and as he lowered his head, asked, "Can you stay with me?"

Cherry looked at Jackson's face, and firmly replied, "No, I can't, I really have to go home." She didn't want to refuse him, but she had to go home because of her son Joe.

Jackson then took Cherry into his arms and tightly hugged her. He whispered in her ear, "Baby, you can stay in Wilson's house for a short time, but you have to remember that eventually you'll have to come back to our home. I'm waiting for you..."

Cherry was moved by Jackson's words, and in that moment really wanted to tell Jackson that they had a son together called Joe. She thought that if she did, then she and Joe could come back home with Jackson, and then they would live happily ever after.

tell Jackson, but somehow, she couldn't.

he loosed his arms around her and genuinely looked into her eyes.

Cherry shook her head, and said, "Nothing, I'll go home

then stood on her tiptoes, and after she kissed Jackson's

she had

didn't leave until Cherry's car left the parking lot.

and found that her family was eating in the dining room. Elsa saw that

her, and shouted, "Mommy, mommy, Grandma made delicious foods

she changed her shoes, Cherry said, "I had dinner just now, so I'm not

bit surprised, and

mine. Don't mind me, enjoy your meal, "

utter a word, and thought that Cherry might have had dinner with Jackson.

pettishly charming manner said, "Mommy, can't you come and eat with

The answer to his question had been clear from the start. She

his head to eat the

and was quite content, because as long

asked him to come to his study

that Cherry was browsing through a book. He walked up to

excitedly said, "Wilson, you don't need to be worried about your company any longer. I asked John Ye for his help, and he said he would be more than

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