Ice and Fire

Chapter 156 I Wanna Be With You

Jackson didn't look at Selina, but casually said, "You can pretend to be ignorant sometimes."

Selina heard Jackson's words and knew that she had guessed it right. She happily replied, "Hey, why did you conceal that from me! I definitely have to tell Cherry when she's back!"

Jackson then immediately focused his gaze on Selina. He shook her hand away from his shoulder and said, "How dare you, I'm planning to give her a surprise! If you screw this up for me you'll regret it!"

Selina then stuck her tongue out at him and made a mocking face. She said, "Humph! Nobody's envying your mansion!"

Derek was watching them from aside, and lazily said, "You silly girl! When you get married in the future I'll also buy you a mansion."

But Selina turned to him, and said, "I think it'd be better if I buy you one when you get married. By the way, where's your fiancee now?"

"Selina!" furiously shouted Derek; he didn't have a girlfriend, and was vey irritated to be laughed at by her because of this.

As Jackson watched them messing around, smile gradually started to appear on his face.

After Cherry returned, they left the JS Group together. Cherry got into Jackson's car, and Selina and Derek took another.

Inside Jackson's car, Cherry didn't know what to say and instead just looked out the window.

When Jackson saw that Cherry wouldn't open her mouth, he decided to break the silence between them.

"Say, don't you wanna talk to me?" asked Jackson.

Cherry hadn't thought that Jackson would talk to her, and replied, "What? No."

As Jackson drove the car, he had his eyes more on Cherry than on the road.

She worriedly said, "Don't look at me, look at the road!"

Smiling, Jackson said, "You're more good-looking than the road."

"Aren't you afraid of hitting other cars? It's rush hour now, and there are a lot of cars on the road! You should drive attentively!" angrily criticized Cherry. 'Sometimes he's even more wilful than a child!' she thought.

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then got out of the car. Jackson put his hand around Cherry's shoulders intimately regardless of the strangers around them and Selina and Derek

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the couple's intimate behavior, while Selina felt happy in her heart and thought that Cherry would soon finally return to the Chu Clan.

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private room, Derek and Selina held the microphones and sang ballads, expressing their bitterness in looking for their other halves, while in a dim

up her slim body in Jackson's arms and put her hand around his neck. She whispered in his ear as she fondled his hair behind

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the love songs Selina was singing, and felt that Selina's every "love cell" had been

a long time, and it's understandable for them to become wild now that they have the opportunity to

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and as she patted on Jackson's back, she said, "Hey, what do you mean by 'failed to find'? I haven't even gotten

gone for five whole years, and now you're saying that you haven't gotten lost?" asked Jackson with a smile on his face, but with sweetness and delight still flooding

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