Ice and Fire

Chapter 163 The Person He Cared About Most (Part One)

Wilson saw that Cherry's expression changed a little. He then glanced at her phone and saw Jackson's name on the screen. He just kept silent and didn't comment.

Cherry quickly said, "Wilson, I have to answer my phone."

Wilson nodded.

Cherry then walked with her phone in her hand to answer it on the balcony.


"Are you in bed now?" asked Jackson in a gentle voice.

"No, not yet, " replied Cherry.

"Well, " said Jackson, "Did Selina tell you about the business trip?"

As soon as Cherry heard Jackson's words she realized that he had found out about the trip. She replied, "Yes, she told me about it in the morning, and she also told me that you and Derek might be coming too."

"Derek and I haven't been busy recently. I think that it will be nice if we can go there together, " said Jackson.

Jackson was telling her that he would go, and Cherry decided she would come too.

"Okay, you can tell Selina that I'm also coming, " said Cherry.

"Honey!" cried Jackson in surprise, "Did you say yes?"

him that Cherry hadn't made up her mind yet whether she would go with them or not, but now… Was she actually going to go

a moment, and

tell Selina about it and ask her to book tickets, "

stopped Jackson and said, "Wait a minute!

had no choice but to obey her words. As long as she was willing to go together with him it didn't matter who would tell Selina

He then continued, "Why didn't you go

go to bed later, I've just had a talk with my brother, "

asked Jackson. He was particularly concerned about Cherry, and he was still a little

It was just a talk about


talk with Jackson, so she gently said to him, "Jackson, I'm a little tired and want to go

honey!" replied Jackson.

she hung up, Cherry walked back into the living room. She found that Wilson had already gone to his bedroom, so she did the same

following morning, Cherry was called into Selina's office as soon as

front of her, she said without any sort hesitation, "Miss Selina, I've decided that I'll

with us?" asked Selina in a very expectant tone. She was also surprised that Cherry had taken the initiative

while nodding in the same

She then stood up from her desk and walked up to Cherry. "My brother and Jackson also promised that they would come too. It's such

by gently nodding to

have for today to Caroline and she will help you finish it. I'll book the

had to obey Selina's words because, after all,

tomorrow, and she was very happy of the fact that Jackson would accompany her, but in the same

arrived there, Derek, Jackson and Selina had already arrived and were waiting for her. She walked over to them and stood next to Jackson.

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