Ice and Fire

Chapter 167 Whenever She Is With Him

"What?" Derek also started to get worried when he heard what Jackson said. He quickly asked, "How much does she know?"

"I don't know either. She wouldn't tell me, " replied Jackson.

"What a crazy bitch Sally is! Does she want to die?" cursed Derek.

But Jackson paid no attention to his words, and said, "Just do as I said. Remember, don't tell Selina about it. I'm sure that you can think of an excuse to persuade her."

"Okay, got it!"

When Cherry got up in the morning and left the bedroom, she saw that Jackson was sitting on the sofa. She immediately felt sorry for him in her heart, and thought, 'Has he been sitting there the whole night?'

Before she opened her mouth to say something, she heard the doorbell ring. After she thought for a moment, she guessed that it must be Derek and Selina.

After she walked towards the door and opened it, she saw Selina and Derek standing outside.

"Good morning, Cherry!" happily said Selina.

Cherry tried to smile, and said, "Please, come in."

After they went inside, Derek saw that Jackson was sitting on the sofa; he was aware of what had happened, but he pretended to know nothing about it.

"Did you sleep well, Jackson?" asked Derek smiling, as he usually did.

Jackson didn't answer him, and instead looked out the window.

Selina didn't care about the two men. She walked up to Cherry, and as she held her arms, she said, "Cherry, unfortunately I think that our trip will end tomorrow. These two said they need to deal with something at the army base, so we need to return back home tomorrow. I've already changed our plane tickets."

exactly what that "something" was. She hadn't thought that Jackson would think of such an excuse

and said, "Oh well, there's nothing we can do about it now. You know that military orders can never be disobeyed,

she complained, "We should've had a really good trip this time, but now we have to go back before we even had

Cherry's mind. She knew that Jackson and Derek couldn't accompany

consoled Selina, and said, "Don't worry

to do that. I was just complaining about it, but I can go by myself. We have only

" insisted Cherry. She would have rather followed Selina to her boring meeting than to

anything and instead looked at Jackson on the sofa, implying that it was

in the room, and said, "Selina, since Cherry wants to accompany you, you can just go with her. We'll go golfing and wait

Selina. She was very surprised that Jackson allowed Cherry to leave him

said, "Just go with

Jackson again and saw that he was still keeping

and dress up. You do the same and I'll come over to pick you up

lightly to her.

and felt that there was also no need for him to stay there any longer. He stood up from his seat, and awkwardly said, "So, Jackson, I'll go and

but still not uttering a

turned around and was about to go into the bedroom, but Jackson immediately stood up and walked up to her. He grabbed her

over her ear and enjoyed her sweet scent with his eyes half

be careful when you're outside, and call me whenever you're in trouble, " said Jackson. He was concerned about her, but he knew that the best arrangement

want to care for me? Aren't you anxious to get back and see Sally? You even deceived Selina and told her that you have something to deal with at the army base! Well done, Jackson,

to go to the army base after we get back, " quickly

said, "Anyway, I don't even care about that. Let

bedroom and shut the door,

got dressed they left the hotel

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