Ice and Fire

Chapter 170 Pains In The Night

Without any sort of hesitation, Jackson said, "I always want to protect her!"

Sally's heart instantly filled with frustration. She wanted Jackson to love her, but it seemed that her wish was only a dream.

Sally then suddenly shouted at Jackson, "What about me? Why did you have to harbor me and protect me if you don't love me? Tell me!"

Jackson looked at Sally and then loosened his grip on her neck. He knew she was broken down, but he didn't immediately reply to her question.

After some time, Jackson coldly said, "If you ever dare to contact Cherry again in the future, it won't end well for you. Mark my words!"

Jackson then intended to leave. When Derek saw Jackson, he also stood up from his seat and left together with him.

When Sally saw Jackson leaving, she immediately said, "Even if I didn't tell her anything, there would've been others to do that for me! Are you sure that Stephen won't tell her everything?"

Her threat successfully stopped Jackson in his tracks.

Sally was somehow happy that her words worked on him.

Jackson didn't say anything, but Derek furiously said, "If Stephen An dares to say anything, then it won't end well for him either."

However, Sally didn't care what Derek said, and she walked towards Jackson. She stood beside him, and as she looked at him, she said, "You know more about Stephen An and Cherry Shen's relation than I do. You know their bond is special."

The last sentence actually affected Jackson, and he felt that the relation between Stephen and Cherry threatened him. He recalled two things: that Stephen had offended him by risking his life to help Cherry run away from him, and that Cherry would have actually begged on her knees in front of him to save Stephen's Anshi Group. Both Stephen and Cherry were special to each other, that was clear to him.

When Sally noticed that Jackson didn't utter a word, she grabbed his hand, and gently said, "Jackson, you know that Stephen and you are mortal enemies. If I'm at your side I can help you, and I won't let Stephen hurt you."

Jackson then shook off Sally's hand. He stared into her eyes, and said, "Cherry is and will always be my only lover in this world. There's no other person, never forget that!"

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