Ice and Fire

Chapter 171 Everyone's Destiny (Part One)

On her way to work, Cherry got stuck in traffic because she caught the rush hour.

Since she didn't want to be late for work, when she could, Cherry drove at nearly twice the speed that she usually did.

Cherry was randomly looking at the roadside when suddenly a familiar figure caught her attention. Her face suddenly changed and she immediately hit the brakes to have a better look at her.

She saw a woman casually walking on the street.

Cherry looked very closely at her figure and way of walking, and was convinced that the woman had to be none other than Jean. She couldn't have been wrong, because she had known her for a lifetime.

She immediately parked her car on the side of the road, and after she picked up her bag and got out of the car, she strode towards the woman who seemed to be so familiar to her.

At first, Cherry was a little far from the woman, but she sped up her pace to get closer to her to convince herself that she was indeed Jean. She hadn't seen her face, and wanted to be 100% convinced that she was her sister.

Cherry's heart tightened by the second. While she was on the crowded street following the woman she totally forgot about the other pedestrians around her.

All of a sudden, Cherry collided with a man and stopped after walking a few steps back.

The man yelled at her loudly, "Don't you have eyes, lady?"

Cherry apologized with her eyes still on the familiar figure, and as she was trying to not lose sight of her, said, "I'm sorry, sorry."

absent-minded behavior, the passer-by thought that she was crazy, and quickly left

tried to spot the woman again but she had already vanished.

but after she looked around for a

on? Is Jean alive? How had Jackson dealt with her? If Jean is alive, maybe Jade

into Cherry's mind, and then a series of questions came following. She couldn't wait anymore; she

her car, Cherry drove as fast as she could

she arrived, Cherry threw her bag on her seat and then went straight

and entered. Selina was surprised to see Cherry coming towards her so frantically, and

all the office formalities and asked straightaway, "Selina, you promised you would help me check

it for a moment, and said, "Nothing yet, because those who are investigating into his whereabouts haven't contacted

then suddenly raised

saw Cherry's unstable emotions. She nodded, and couldn't help but

leave now, thank you, "said Cherry, and then turned

she looked at Cherry's back Selina became a little worried about her since she could feel her volatile emotions. She guessed that something

then immediately grabbed her

call was connected, Selina said, "Jackson, something

heard Selina's words, Jackson immediately

about her father's whereabouts.

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