Ice and Fire

Chapter 173 Having Found Him

Cherry then took out her cell phone and dialled Jackson's number.

The call was quickly connected.

"Baby, " said Jackson gently.

Cherry asked immediately, "Where are you?"

"I'm at the military residential compound, " said Jackson in a calm and gentle manner.

Cherry thought for a moment, and said, "I can't go there; could you please come to me? I have something to talk with you."

"Okay, " said Jackson. He heard that Cherry's voice was husky, and guessed that she must have cried. He continued, "Go to the hotel where we met last time. I'll wait for you there, in the same room."

"Got it, " said Cherry, and after that she hung up.

She then drove straight to the hotel.

After she arrived, she went straight to the room and found that its door was open; she knew that Jackson had already arrived.

After Cherry took a deep breath she entered.

Jackson was sitting on the sofa when he saw Cherry come in. He then stood up cheerfully and walked up to her, and while he was dotingly stroking her hair, asked, "Honey, how are you doing?"

Cherry didn't give feedback to his tenderness, but instead seriously stared at him and asked, "Where's my sister?"

The atmosphere in the room suddenly changed. Jackson's face gradually went cold and dark, and he stared back at Cherry.

are you asking me this question?" asked Jackson

know where she is." Cherry started to become a little distressed. She stared

he didn't know how to tell her about it. He hadn't killed Jean, but his punishment was almost as cruel as killing her. He had spared Jean's life because he loved the woman that was standing in

Cherry as she frantically

what to do anymore when

asked, "What have you

be unable to bear it. Jackson knew her very well, and even though she hadn't been on the best of terms with Jean

she shook her head. She continued, "What the hell have you

Cherry didn't know anything, he decided that he wouldn't tell her anything about it.

don't worry. She's still alive, " said Jackson.

really okay? Have you really done nothing to her?

to kill you, and if it weren't for Emily you

yelled at Jackson, "It doesn't matter, she's still my

treating her as your sister, but what about Jean? Has she ever regarded you as her little sister?" Jackson became

to hurt anyone around

slowly and clearly said, "Don't worry, I'm sure

can live a normal life depends only on her own capabilities of adapting

herself, 'It seems that I indeed know so little about him. I don't know

her balance and fell to the ground. She

all because of me. I promised that I will protect and take good care of her,

tightly held her into his

you. She's such a vicious woman, and she has done too many bad things that she isn't worth caring about." Jackson then paused for a moment, and continued to say,

true. Jean had done so many bad things to her that she would never forget about them, and it was indeed hard for her to forgive her. When it came to Harrison, however, although he had also

herself in Jackson's arms, and just wanted to be a tender and obedient woman to him. She knew that she couldn't be

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