Ice and Fire

Chapter 176 Please Forgive Me, My Daughter

Jackson drove his car to the JS Group at full speed, with his mind a total mess.

He thought, 'Cherry, what the hell is happening here?

Do we really have a son together? Why didn't you tell me about him?

Cherry, how could you dare to hide him from me!'

At that same time, Cherry was in a huge warehouse looking at an old man who was standing not that far away from her. He was trying to move a box with great efforts.

Cherry's eyes filled with tears when she saw him. She stood there for a while just staring at him, but because the man was so busy with his work, he didn't even notice her for a second.

"Dad!" suddenly shouted Cherry.

Harrison vaguely heard someone's voice, and thought, 'I'm always working here alone. Who could possibly also be here at this hour?'

He stopped his work and then gazed towards the entrance.

When he recognized the familiar figure, he started to shiver uncontrollably. He moved his lips and wanted to say something, but his throat was too dry to even utter a single word.

Cherry then slowly walked closer to him and saw the wrinkles on his face and the dirty clothes he wore. She could hardly believe that the man in front of her was really her father Harrison Shen. He had used to be a decent and respectable man, but who would have ever imagined that he would become like that?

"Why, why, why are you here?" astoundedly asked Harrison.

"Dad, I came here to see you, " replied Cherry, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Harrison felt very sad when he saw his daughter crying. He dropped his gaze to avoid eye contact with her, and said, "Let's get out of this messy place."

say anything, and instead turned around

on some chairs outside and had their first

completely, and that even Jackson wasn't able to find you." He still had his head lowered, and still felt awkward to look at Cherry when he talked with her, because he hadn't forgotten

but before that I lived with my mom abroad, "

he heard Cherry mention about her mother.

and Uncle Jacob has treated us well, "

Jacob is a good man, " said Harrison, whose heart had suddenly flooded

are you working here? Where's Aunt Jade? Even if the Shen Group is bankrupt, you shouldn't be reduced to

that the Shen Group had in the past, Harrison should have led a simple life,

blood. There's no need for me to conceal anything from her, ' He decided

I asked my friends for help, but they had all benefited from Jade and obeyed her words, so none

words and could only imagine how he had

started to become restless at home and said that she would avenge your sister. She had planned to hire someone to murder you, but because everyone knew that you were married into the Chu

took in Harrison's

gradually calmed down and didn't mention about you anymore, " said Harrison, "But then the Shen Group went bankrupt and she started to get mad. When I wasn't watching, she took away with her all the savings, sold the house, the car, and all the other valuable things we

head lowered so that Cherry couldn't see the expression on his face. Instead, she could feel the

said, "Dad, Jackson was the one who destroyed the

He slowly shook his head, and said, "How could I

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"Wasn't she murdered by someone when she was in a

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she felt pressured after she divorced John, and that's why she

head, and firmly said, "No, she's still

Harrison couldn't believe

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