Ice and Fire

Chapter 177 Why Did She Run Away From You (Part One)

Cherry wiped the tears off of her face with her hand, and then turned to Harrison. She looked at him with a forced smile on her face, and with bravado in her voice, said, "Dad, you don't need to say those words to me; I don't hate you anymore. What's more, I live a good life now, and I'm not suffering; I'm very happy."

Harrison felt very distressed and didn't know what to say when he saw Cherry's forced smile. He thought for a while, and then said, "It's good for you to be back to the Chu family again. Try to live a good life, and to enjoy all that you haven't got before. Cherr, I wish you only the best!"

Cherry then looked at her aged father. She nodded firmly, and said, "I'll be happy, Dad."

"By the way, " suddenly said Harrison with his expression slightly changed, "Don't get too close to Andrew. Visiting him just occasionally is okay."

But Cherry didn't take Harrison's reminder too seriously, and instead was still thinking of Harrison's wishes.

Cherry then said goodbye to him and left. As Harrison saw Cherry's figure fading away in the distance, happiness started to sparkle in his eyes. He felt very happy that his daughter had forgiven him and that she still cared about him.

Cherry was about to drive back to Jackson's apartment, aware that Jackson was waiting for her there. She had already found Harrison and the next thing that she had to do was to tell him about Joe. When Jackson accepted the fact that he already had a son, she would go back to the Chu Family together with their son. She had been away from the Chu Family for such a long time, and she had missed them very much.

Cherry was still on her way to Jackson's apartment when she suddenly received a call from Wilson. "Hello, Wilson, " said Cherry.

Wilson hastily said on the phone, "Cherry, I can't find Joe anywhere!"

"What?" Cherry was totally stunned when she heard her brother. She quickly pulled the car over to the side of the road, and anxiously asked, "Wilson, what did you say?"

"I went to school to pick up Joe, but he wasn't there anymore. The school's janitor told me that he last saw Joe getting inside a taxi, " quickly said Wilson.

didn't know what she should do next. She had never imagined such a terrible scene, and she couldn't live if something were to happen to her son.

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to have realized something too. He held his cell phone pressed against his ear and kept silent for a moment.

terrible!" suddenly whispered Cherry.

the JS Group, even if Jackson wasn't there, it was easy for anyone to recognize him. Joe closely resembled Jackson, more than that, they almost looked the same. It seemed that

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frightened. She didn't know what to say and kept silent for a long time. Eventually, she said,

son is here?" asked Jackson furiously.

at him, "Jackson, leave him alone! Leave him alone!" but

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Joe in a natural and unconcerned way. He had already guessed that the man in front of him was his father, who was one of the most powerful and

to come back?" asked Jackson coldly.

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