Ice and Fire

Chapter 182 Something Happened To Your Brother's Company

Cherry then drove to the hotel and went to the room where she had already met Jackson for the last couple of times.

When she arrived in front of the door, Cherry first took a deep breath and then knocked on it.

Jackson opened the door, and he was unsurprised to see her standing there. He turned around and silently walked into the room.

Cherry didn't say a word and diligently followed him inside.

When she saw Jackson casually sitting on the sofa, Cherry asked him, "Why did you ask me to come here?"

Looking at Cherry, Jackson ignored her question, and said, "I'll give you two options: to move back with me in the apartment, or to let Joe live with me."

"No!" immediately said Cherry. She couldn't come back to the apartment, and neither could she let Jackson take Joe away from her.

Jackson wasn't surprised at all, because he had expected Cherry's response. He looked at her, and said, "Well? Do you want a third option?"

"I won't move back with you to the apartment, and neither Joe!" said Cherry.

"You don't want to come back there?" asked Jackson. After he thought for a while, he said, "Then come to the villa. It's renovated, and it's more than enough for three people to live inside it."

"No!" refused Cherry again. "Joe and I won't move back! Don't even think about it!"

she possibly move back when her son's future fate was

stood up from the couch and came closer

of him, and instead she looked into his

suddenly pinched Cherry's chin, and fiercely said, "Cherry, I don't want to blame you for what happened five years ago, but note that I've already

and said, "Jackson, I have no

the future. She had to take into account a whole lot of

forget, you're my wife, and sooner or later you'll have to come back to the Chu Family, " said Jackson in an almost crucial, imperative

said Cherry reluctantly. As she gazed deep into Jackson's eyes, she continued, "I know that I'm your wife,

back into Cherry's eyes, and thought in his mind, "I let you stay away from me for so much time, but I can't keep doing that... Besides, our child is already five years old, and I didn't even had the chance to see him grow up and know him. Cherry, you made me lose all

she looked into Jackson's eyes. It was clear that there was no room

push me, I don't want to

hadn't forced her to do anything before, and had allowed her to do everything she wanted, but he couldn't make any more concessions with her. He was angry with this

at Jackson, Cherry didn't dare to speak any longer. It seemed that he wanted to

suddenly let Cherry go, turned around, and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window. He looked at the scenery outside it, and said,

didn't want to move back to the Chu

at his side. Deep down inside he was happy because he had found out that he had a son, and thought that

Cherry. She then slowly approached Jackson, and as she looked at his face, said, "Don't hurt Joe! If you do something to Joe, I will never forgive

she said this, Cherry left.

but there was a murderous look

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