Ice and Fire

Chapter 183 Because I Love Him (Part One)

Cherry couldn't believe her ears. She looked at Elsa surprised, and asked, "I heard that everything was going well. How on earth is he in trouble all of a sudden?"

She had some knowledge about the business world, and she knew that financial troubles always cast their shadows on a company first before falling on it. There had to be signs to indicate that Wilson's company would get into trouble, but she had been aware of none.

"I don't know; Jacob knew nothing about it until this morning when he received a call. Your brother is at the company now, and your uncle just left earlier, " said Elsa nervously. Although Wilson wasn't her biological son, she regarded him as such because he hadn't rejected her when she had married his father. He had treated her very well, and now it seemed that he was in trouble. How could she possibly feel at ease when something like this was happening to him?

Cherry immediately comforted Elsa, "Mother, don't be so worried about it. I'll also go to my brother's company to have a look on things, and again, please, relax, uncle has many friends that might be able to help us. It'll be okay, you'll see!"

Cherry then said to Joe, who was standing behind her, "Go and eat your breakfast quick, and after that I'll take you to school."

"Okay, " said Joe, and then strode to the dining room in a hurry.

After she took Joe to school, Cherry went straight to Wilson's company. She informed Caroline that she will be arriving later at the office, and asked her if she could help her deal with some of her assignments first. Afterwards, she also called Selina, and her generous boss said that Cherry didn't even have to come to work if she had something urgent to deal with.

After she arrived at Wilson's office, Cherry saw him sitting in front of his desk looking morose. She also saw Jacob on the sofa, seeming to be as helpless as her brother was.

Cherry immediately walked to Wilson, and asked, "What happened, brother?"

Wilson just shook his head, and replied, "I don't know... The bank just advised me that I should repay the loan in advance, even though it was supposed to be paid at the end of the next month. We can also repay it at the end of this month, after we receive the arrears from the other companies, but now the bank has advanced the pay date, and gives us just three days to do that. If we can't, then..."

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other partnering companies and ask them for some financial help for this problem?"

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that moment, a secretary ran into the office and went straight to Wilson. He hastily said,

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who the troublemaker was. The man behind Bobby's order had to be Jackson!

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didn't answer his question, and instead turned her gaze onto Jacob, and said, "He's Jackson's guy. Jackson must be the one who instigated

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