Ice and Fire

Chapter 185 Why Do We Need A Driver

Cherry's words left Wilson speechless. He knew that Cherry had always been in love with Jackson.

Cherry pretended to look tough. She glanced at Wilson, and said, "Wilson, after I leave, I hope that you can take good care of Jacob and my Mother. If you have any chance to meet a good girl whom you like, don't let the chance slip through your fingers. If you love her, please marry her."

Wilson replied by nodding his head and remaining silent.

Upstairs in their room, Jacob and Elsa were standing in front of the French windows, and as they looked out through them, they felt reluctant to let their daughter go.

"Cherry will leave us tomorrow and go and live with Jackson, " said Elsa, grieved. She thought that her house would become cold and gloomy after Cherry and Joe left.

"Well, Cherry should be living with Jackson; after all, she's the daughter-in-law of the Chu Family, and Jackson is Joe's father." said Jacob. Also feeling sad, he knew that Cherry had been forced by Jackson to come back to the Chu household. Although he had no idea about how Cherry felt about this, he vaguely felt that she had been coerced, and that she had troubles that she was reluctant to talk about with them.

"I feel bad about my beloved Grandson leaving me, " said Elsa with tears streaming down her face.

Jacob held her shoulder, and tried to comfort her, "Don't feel so sad about this. Cherry can always bring Joe here and frequently visit us."

Elsa then leaned against Jacob's chest and nodded.

After Cherry went upstairs to her room, Joe had taken his shower and had walked out of the bathroom. After he saw his mom, Joe cheerfully asked, "Mommy, can I go to bed?"

Cherry looked at Joe, sat on a chair nearby and then gave him a broad smile. She said, "Joe, come here, I have to tell you something."

Joe obediently went to his Mommy, and asked, "What's up?"

Cherry stroke her son's hair, before answering him, "Joe, are you willing to live with Jackson and his Family?"

When he heard her, Joe's cheerful face instantly changed. He became more calm and serious, and asked, "Mom, are we going back?"

said, "Yes,

good understanding of his father's bossiness. How could Jackson let his Mom off so easily now that

from Joe. She nodded to him, and added, "Joe, sooner or later, we still would have had to come back and live

domineering character. Some

man as excellent as his father must have had many women seeking

indicating her

thinking about. He took her hand, and said, "We should go back to Daddy, so that we

she added more, Joe raised his hand and covered her mouth with it.

to me! Besides, I'm Jackson's son, who do you think would ever dare to hurt me?" Joe pretended to

son, Cherry didn't know

women that covet him. Remember, you're his legitimate wife, and we're also a family, supposed to be living together, " said Joe in an attempt to

Joe's hair, and said, "Alright Joe, pack your things, I'm gonna take you home

wash now; I already filled the bathtub for you,

such a good son, did you know that?" said Cherry, while

to go to his office, because he knew that today was the day when Cherry would

should go now, you'll be late. Don't worry, I'll come by and see you, and besides, I don't want

a strong sadness. He then grabbed his briefcase and walked out of the

clothes and Joe carried his schoolbag and a funny

to be morose. Their beloved Grandson was leaving, and they wouldn't be able

a fit of sadness. She wiped the tears off of her

please come back with him whenever you have the time, " replied Elsa while she looked

down and wept, and said, "Grandma and Grandpa, I'll come back to

and don't upset her! Can you do that

Joe in an obedient and

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