Ice and Fire

Chapter 186 Didn't Want To Live With You (Part One)

Jackson seemed to see Cherry's confusion, and said, "Give Wilson his car back." He then took out a key and gave it to Bill Ma, the elder driver, and after he looked at Cherry again, continued to say, "From now on, he'll be the one who is responsible for driving you."

Seeing that Bill Ma picked up the key, Cherry hastily said, "I don't need a driver, I can drive by myself!"

Cherry's resistance aroused Jackson's anger. He then came closer to Cherry, and as he looked deep in her eyes, he said, "Cherry, there's no room for you to say 'no' to me!"

Cherry seriously looked at him, and replied, "Jackson, I can drive, I'm not disabled! Why would I need a driver?"

Seeing that Cherry still resisted him, Jackson's anger started to build up inside him little by little. He then held her chin with one hand, and said, "Do you really want to disagree with me?"

Cherry threw Jackson's hand away from her. She didn't want to disagree with him, she just wanted to defend her own freedom.

"I'm not disagreeing with you!" said Cherry.

"Well, then just obey my orders, " said Jackson, who then looked at Joe who was standing next to him.

Cherry still resisted him, and said, "Jackson, I won't..."

But before she could finish her words, Jackson ruthlessly slapped Cherry across her face. She then lost her balance and stepped back a few steps, with her face burning with a sharp pain.

slightly red and swollen face, he felt a burst of anger raging inside him; he turned to

Cherry's pain did. He wouldn't have hit her if

by herself? She's your wife! How can you do that to her!" Joe shouted at Jackson in very hateful and impolite way, because anyone who dared to hurt his Mommy was his enemy, even his

said Jackson, while he also tried

pulled her son behind her and took a step forward to block

at Cherry. Only when he dealt with things that related to

and walked out of the

departure didn't make any changes in Cherry's mood. Inside the living room, she said


enthusiastic to help her carry her luggage. He knew that Cherry was the mistress of the house, and that Joe was the young master, and that no

the second floor, Cherry suddenly stopped Lily Wu and Bill Ma,

Bill Ma, with her luggage in their hands, stopped in front of the bedroom's

behind his Mommy and didn't say a

She remembered that she had told Jackson that she would leave one room

one is the study?" asked

pointed to each door, and said, "Madam, the farthest one is the study, and this room is for you and Mr. Jackson. This one is for Mr. Joe and the last

and said, "Put my luggage in the guest

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