Ice and Fire

Chapter 187 Didn't Want To Live With You (Part Two)

In the afternoon, Cherry and Joe sat in the living room and watched TV. Cherry watched cartoons with her son and occasionally took out some fashion magazines to read.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, Cherry heard the phone ring inside the living room. She hesitated for a moment and then picked it up.

"Hello, " said Cherry.

Hearing Cherry's voice, Jackson calmly said, "Tell Lily that I'll be home for dinner in an hour; and ask her to start cooking now."

"Okay, " replied Cherry, and then immediately hung up the phone.

After that, Cherry went to the kitchen, and said to the maid, "Lily, are you going to cook?"

"Yes, but I'm wondering whether or not Mr. Jackson will come home for dinner tonight, " said Lily Wu, uncertain of her master's return.

"He just called and said that he'll be come in an hour. You can start cooking now, " indifferently said Cherry. She didn't have to be polite to the housemaid, because everyone in the house, all except for her son, weren't qualified for her respect and politeness.

Lily Wu nodded, and said, "Yes, madam."

Jackson came back home and saw that Cherry and Joe were laughing happily while they watering the flowers on the balcony. It seemed that Cherry was telling something to Joe and that he was carefully listening to her.

The harmonious scene warmed Jackson's heart. The house, with her inside it, was warm, and so was his heart.

Lily Wu walked up to Jackson when she saw him, and said, "You are back, Mr. Jackson."

with his eyes still fixed up on the

Wu looked at his eyes and expression, and asked, "Well, shall I also ask Mrs. Cherry and Mr.

and then went

back. After they went to the bathroom to wash their hands, they also came to and sat down

table in front of him, Joe said to Cherry, who was

to Joe, and said, "Yes, there are, and you need to eat a

nodded to Cherry, and with a happy smile on his face,

when he saw the sweet relationship between the

moroseness while they were eating, but she kept quiet, just as

but she was suddenly stopped by Jackson before she could take her

school tomorrow morning, " said Jackson. Moving his eyes from Joe to Cherry, he continued to say, "And you will go to a place

"Where?" asked Cherry.

it now, " said Jackson, and then went to the living room.

and she knew Jackson's temper very well; she didn't want

said Cherry as she

said Joe.

gradually fall asleep as she told him bedtime stories. Her heart was filled with a feeling of happiness, because her

wall showed that it was already eleven o'clock, and Cherry saw that she hadn't even put on her pajamas yet. She got out of bed, tucked her son in his blanket, and went to

out of Joe's room, she bumped into someone. Cherry was so frightened that she almost cried out,

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