Ice and Fire

Chapter 190 The Lovely Son (Part Two)

Jackson then quickly dragged her into his arms, and said, "Okay, okay, I was just kidding! Nobody would ever dare to think of my woman."

Cherry didn't answer him, but thought in her mind, 'If only I could always feel happy and stay at his side like this! Oh, my heart doesn't deceive me, and I really love him! If nobody else would bother us, and he and I could always be at peace like now, then we would definitely live in happiness forever and ever!'

In the afternoon, when Joe came back from school and arrived home, he immediately shouted, "Mommy! Mommy! I'm back!"

Cherry entered the living room from the balcony and saw that her son was running towards her. She then happily opened her arms to welcome him back home.

After she tightly hugged her son, with a smile on her face, she asked, "Joe, how was your day at school?"

"Just fine, " childishly answered Joe, who then suddenly left Cherry's arms, and continued, "But, a girl confessed her love to me today."

Cherry immediately felt astonished. A five-or-six-year-old girl, had "confessed her love"?

"What...what had happened?" asked Cherry.

"She said that I'm really good-looking, and that she loves me, " earnestly said Joe.

Cherry couldn't help herself and burst out into laughter. She covered her mouth with her hand and couldn't say a word more.

"Mommy, what are you laughing at?" asked Joe. He felt confused, and he couldn't understand why his Mommy was laughing.

that you are good-looking?" asked Cherry, smiling at

course! Uncle Wilson has also said that I'm very handsome! I could even be more handsome than Daddy!" proudly answered Joe. He had never felt unsatisfied with his

more handsome than my lovely son!" said Cherry as she patted Joe's head. Still smiling, she continued, "However,

won't fool around with women like Daddy

that Jackson was just stepping downstairs, and her grin immediately

that I was fooling around with women?" asked

erased his smile and turned

said, "He's just talking nonsense, why do you have to get angry?"

Cherry, and then stared at his son who was stepping towards him. He thought,


immediately understood her, and he walked up to them and took Jackson's hand in his. He then said, "Daddy, when

in the JS Group were attracted by Jackson, and that they were always secretly gossiping about him, but she hadn't expected that Joe would say

suddenly thought that it was interesting to talk with him, and that he was quite observant, despite of his young age.

school confessed her love to me today. Do you think I'm also fooling around with women?" said Joe as he stared at

Jackson saw how lovely his son was, he even felt too late to love him, how could he have the heart to be angry with him?

then suddenly pulled Cherry into his arms in front of Joe. He then leaned over her ear, and said, "So, this is our son who's been brought up by

look on her face. She thought, 'I've brought up

while he looked at Cherry and felt happy in his heart. He was also

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