Ice and Fire

Chapter 191 I'll Protect My Mommy

The three people then sat together at the table for dinner. Joe felt warm in his heart when he saw his cold father help him and his Mommy pick their food, and he wondered, 'Is this a father's love?'

Seeing his Mommy's happy face, Joe thought that as long as she was happy, he was happy. At the same time, he also yearned for his Daddy's love, and although Jackson was cold on the surface, Joe saw that he was very special to his Mommy, and he thought that his Daddy was also special to him.

Noticing that he was somehow absent-minded at the table, Cherry asked, "Joe, what are you thinking about?"

After he heard her question, Joe quickly lowered his head, and answered her, "Nothing..."

"Are you thinking of that girl again?" guessed Cherry.

"Mommy, you're annoying sometimes, but I want to sleep with you tonight, " said Joe with a lovely smile on his face.

When he head him, Jackson's face darkened in an instant. He slowly put down the tableware, and as he looked at Joe, he said, "You will sleep alone from now on."

"Why? I slept with my Mommy back in my Uncle's house, " said Joe. He refused to obey Jackson's command, and thought, 'Why can't I still sleep with Mommy here?'

Cherry feared that two people would quarrel and quickly grabbed Jackson's arm, suggesting him not to quarrel with the child.

As she looked at Joe, Cherry quickly said, "Okay, well, go and do your homework after dinner, and come to Mommy's room to sleep with me at night."

Jackson became anxious when he heard Cherry's words. He wanted to say something, but he saw that Cherry was still looking at him.

She said to him, "You go back to your own room; I want to sleep with my son."

Looking at Cherry, Jackson didn't have the courage to resist. The woman was like a demon, and he had already been unconsciously persuaded by her.

Joe was very satisfied with how the talk went and put down his tableware. He wiped his lips and hands with the napkin next to him on the table, and said, "Daddy, Mommy, I'm full, and now I'll go upstairs to do homework. Mommy, can you help me with the bath water and wash with me later?"

leave, "Okay, but now go upstairs and do your homework." The little mischievous

look on his face, and said to Cherry, "Do you still want

and while she nodded to Jackson, she

a proper reason at that time, and instead found the most basic and stupidest of them all. In fact, he was jealous that his son could sleep and bathe with Cherry, and he thought that although Cherry was his woman, he hadn't had

with her hand, and as she looked at the man in front of

smile on her face, she said,

he looked deep into her eyes, he seriously said, "But you're my woman! You should do these

at him, and replied, "When did you become so naive? Why are you so

ignored Cherry's words, and said overbearingly, "In the future, treat him coldly! Don't

heart was filled with happiness. His overbearing behavior made her nod helplessly, and she said, "I know, well, you're overbearing and all, but I


couldn't help but laugh out loud this time, and replied, "Jackson, when

more domineering when he saw Cherry copiously laughing at him. He wouldn't let go of Cherry

said, "Okay, I know, I know,

she was still laughing. She thought that there might still be happiness for them in the future, and that the future with Jackson might not be as distressful as

busy in the kitchen, but when she saw what happened in the dining room earlier, she was very happy. This kind of warm family was very rare, and she could tell that Mr. Jackson treated his woman only with the utmost

her son immediately after she changed into her pajamas in her room, but the door

and said, "Mommy, I finished my

him into

to see Jackson there, and

and said to Joe, "Son, Daddy

as he approached Cherry. In reality, he actually felt happy in his mind, and wondered, 'Is Daddy trying to get closer to

you anymore, " said Jackson

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