Ice and Fire

Chapter 192 As Long As You Are Here With Me (Part One)

Looking at Joe, who had just said that he wanted to protect his mommy, Jackson suddenly felt a little bit more happy. He was very grateful to have such a sweet son.

"Joe, " suddenly said Jackson.

"Yes, daddy, " seriously replied Joe when he saw his daddy's stern face.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore, because from now on, daddy will protect both you, and mommy, " said Jackson while he caressed Joe's wet short hair.

"Really?" Joe then happily flapped the water around him when he heard that both him and his mommy were going to be protected by Jackson. He made a big splash, and then said, "So mommy and I can lead a happy life in the future?"

After that, Joe continued to play cheerfully in the water.

However, Jackson felt very painful when he saw how delighted his son was of the good news, because he couldn't imagine the crisis that they had suffered in their hearts during the past five years. Had they been scared without his protection all this time? But everything would now change, because he said to himself that he would never allow them to feel scared ever again, and that he will spare no efforts in trying to protect them.

After he finished his bath, Joe got out of the bathroom and jumped straight into Cherry's bed. Cherry was reading a book, and when she saw Joe next to her, she drew back the quilt to let him in.

At that moment, Jackson also came to the bed, and lied down next to them.

When she saw Jackson, Cherry couldn't help but ask, "What are you doing here?"

it onto the bedside table. He then quickly pulled Cherry into his arms, and said, "You're mine, and

me, now!" said Cherry while she tried to resist him. She couldn't believe that Jackson got arbitrary with

was going to be snatched away from him, Joe immediately

Joe, mommy's here!" said Cherry soon after she saw Joe crying. There was no doubt whatsoever that she cared about her son

and winked at him.

her tightly. Jackson, who was lying beside them, hardened

and stared at Jackson with a mean look in his eyes. He proudly said, "Daddy, don't you see that mommy

was so great that he could hardly speak. How dare this little boy contend with him for his woman?

to sleep quickly now, " said Cherry to her baby son who was lying in her arms. She wasn't

Joe, and then quietly hid

have your breasts gotten small again these days? Is it because you

Jackson got even

was living with them, and if Joe didn't think his words more carefully before he

very anxious to separate them. How could a little boy rob his woman and say words like that? He

if you want to speak!" Cherry

all of a sudden, and said,

his eyes and

to him, "Knock it off, let our son sleep

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