Ice and Fire

Chapter 201 She Is My Aunt

As she squinted at Cherry in a disdainful manner and twitched her lips mockingly, Lucia replied to Andrew, "Yes, Grandpa, I have to help John find a good wife until then, but I will never allow another woman, who is shameless and low, and who might also bring bad luck to others, to marry into my family." The sarcasm directed towards Cherry in her words couldn't be more obvious.

"Lucia, why do you always try to humiliate me? Do you think that you're as pure as a lily? Weren't you the one who got pregnant before she married?" said Cherry in a furious tone. She thought to herself, 'How could she look down on me like this? Why does she always make trouble out of nothing?'

"Cherry, you..." said Lucia, but she was too angry to complete her sentence. She thought, 'Yes, I was pregnant before getting married, but how dare that bitch talk about it in the presence of so many people?' and after this, Lucia wanted to slap Cherry across her face.

When John saw that Lucia wanted to hit Cherry, he hastily pulled Lucia's arm and, furiously said, "Mom, what the hell do you want to do? That's enough! Why do you always dislike Cherry? Has she ever done anything that has offended you?"

Lucia was irritated by John's words. She glared at him, and said, "I just dislike her. So what? In the past, you wouldn't listen to me because of her. Even though you had married Jean, you still hadn't forgotten about her. Wasn't she the reason why you divorced Jean? Wasn't she?"

John was completely stunned by Lucia's words. He couldn't help but glance at Cherry, but then he looked back at his mother, and said, "Mom, these things were in the past. Why can't you just let them go?"

When Lucia saw her son's angry face she suddenly fell silent and didn't utter a single word more.

Cherry was also very angry at that moment. Every time she met Lucia, she would humiliate her with her evil words. It seemed that they were doomed to be enemies from the very beginning.

"Grandpa, I'm not feeling too good. I'll go to Jackson's room and rest for a while, " said Cherry, as she looked at Andrew.

Andrew knew that Cherry was angry, and that she felt wronged. If he had been in her place, he would have had the same feelings too.

He nodded.

sat on the sofa with an

to Jackson, and said to

couldn't finish her words, and stopped talking immediately when

Jackson, raged. He was almost driven mad by Lucia, and he wanted to kill her on the spot. He thought to himself, 'How dare Lucia humiliate my woman like

on your son. If he ever dares to contact his aunt again, I won't mind making him disappear

look in his eyes, she could tell that Jackson wasn't

also shocked by Jackson's words, and couldn't believe what they had just heard. Andrew, who was

is your nephew, " suddenly said Lucia in a trembling and

with his aunt, I'll teach him." Jackson glared at Lucia, and said, "And you, Lucia, you're not qualified to teach my woman anything! If you dislike her, just stay away from the Chu Family and I'll officially announce

future if she broke all relations with them. If the others knew that she was driven out of the Chu Family, then

How could you ever abandon me?" hastily said Lucia,

froze on the spot. She quietly stared at Jackson, expecting

in the room. He deliberately coughed, and after he looked at Jackson, he said, "Jackson, I have already scolded your sister, and she surely must know by now that she was wrong with what she said. Just forgive her this time, and go and

Cherry's sad look in his mind, his hatred

Andrew had always been on Jackson's side, and no matter what he wanted to do, Andrew had never rejected him. Even if she pleaded with Andrew, Jackson might still not forgive

sought Andrew's help with her eyes.

gone too far this time. And he was even more resentful as the conversation reminded him of what happened. He had always treated Cherry as his own granddaughter;

angry. Your sister has already realized her mistakes. If Cherry still feels angry about it, I'll talk with her, but just let your sister off the hook

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