Ice and Fire

Chapter 203 Mommy, I Want To Go Home (Part Two)

Letting out a resigned sigh, Derek said, "Cherry, all you need to know is that Jackson loves you, and that there's no need to care about other things. Just trust in Jackson, okay? He will handle everything accordingly."

Cherry suddenly avoided his eyes, and said, "I trust him, but I'm not sure if he trusts me."

After he heard her, Derek didn't know what to say anymore. No matter how much he knew about Jackson, there was no way that he could know about how the couple got along with one another in their time. Their relationship problems only concerned them, Jackson and Cherry.

At that time, Selina walked in through the gate, and when she saw Derek and Cherry, she cheerfully cried out, "Cherry, I'm home!"

When they saw her, Cherry and Derek smiled delighted.

Selina then spotted Joe, who was playing among a group of children, and with a huge bag of snacks in her hands, she loudly cried out to him, "Joe, do you want some goodies?"

When they head the word "goodies", all of the children in the yard turned to look at her.

Joe replied joyfully, "Yes!" and then ran toward Selina.

The other children then also ran towards her.

Holding the shopping bag in her hands, Selina took out one large bag of snacks and gave it to Joe. She then said to other children, "Would you like to have some too?"

"Yes, Aunt Selina, I'd love some!" cried one kid.

"Aunt Selina, me too!"

"I want some too, Aunt Selina!"

of these snacks, but promise me that you

one of us!" said a

Fatty is our big brother, and I am the second brother, and this is our little sister,

little boy. Your big brother has the biggest one!" Then she turned to

then gave each child a bag

"Thank you, Aunt Selina!"


said, "Come on, you can go and play now! Enjoy yourselves! Take care

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shrugged, and said, "Actually, I bought all of them just for Joe, but when I saw that they were all playing together, I had to let them have some

that Jackson wasn't there, so she asked, "Where's

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inside, " calmly said Cherry.

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turned to look at Cherry, who had put on a sulky face. 'Something

seated around the table and was ready to have lunch. When he saw

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