Ice and Fire

Chapter 204 They Must Be Happy!

Seeing what happened, Andrew furiously glanced at Lucia, and scolded her, "Can't you just shut up?"

Lucia knew that Andrew was angry, and she lowered her head without saying another single word.

Although Jackson's eyes glittered with hate, he just stared at Lucia and didn't utter a word.

Selina gently patted Joe's shoulder, and said, "Joe, be a good boy now! Look at how many dishes are on the table, cooked just for you! Don't you think that it will be a waste of good food if you leave and don't take a bite out them?"

But Joe didn't pay any attention to Selina's words, and shouted, "Get that woman out of here!"

Everyone at the table was astonished. They didn't know what to do or what to say, and all the people put down their chopsticks on the table and fell silent. Even the housekeeper, who was standing beside them, felt shocked.

"What did you say? You..." Lucia then intended to say something, but failed when she saw the fury shining on Jackson's face.

Seeing that Cherry didn't say anything, John also kept silent.

After a while, Cherry caressed Joe's head, and in a calm and gentle tone, said, "Joe, be a good boy now, we came to see your Great-Grandpa. We have to finish our meal with him before we leave, do you understand?"

Joe then raised his head and looked at his mother. Judging from the look in her eyes, Joe understood that she was also struggling to endure the unhappy scene.

He nodded in a lovely way and then snuggled into his mother's arms, unwilling to go back to his own seat at the table.

Cherry knew what Joe was thinking about, but she didn't say a word and instead started to feed him.

"Joe, what do you want to eat? I'll feed you, " said Cherry.

"I'd like some fish, " replied Joe, pointing at one of the dishes close to them on the table.

Cherry then picked up a piece of fish, put it on the plate in front of her, and was about to feed him.

Suddenly, in a voice that seemed to be filled with sarcasm, Lucia said, "Like mother, like son!"

After she heard, Cherry couldn't bear it any more. That was the final drop that filled the glass more than full.

her chopsticks, and in a stern and firm voice,

from her seat, held her son's hand,

shouted Selina after her. She wanted to stop her, but Cherry didn't turn around

and said, "Lucia, what the hell do you

at Lucia furiously. She shouted at her, "What bad luck it is to have you

out of the room to speak with

utter a single word. Cherry and Joe had finally come back to see him after such a long time, but it seemed that their meeting had

"Inform the guard that from now on she can't come

that, Jackson also

I come here anymore? I also grew up here!" retorted Lucia, vexed. She felt very anxious

Jackson didn't give a damn

Andrew, and intended to plead with him to say something for her, because

and didn't look at her. He just moved his

while she put on an

very disappointed with his mother's behaviour. How could she say those

and left

into the courtyard, he found that Cherry and

car and

are you going?" asked Jackson after the call was

go home, " answered

he hung up, Jackson drove home at

let anyone bully her, and if my Great-Grandpa and Daddy care about me and Mommy, they have to punish that woman. I'll show that woman what the consequences are to bully

feeble woman that she had been five years ago. She had to protect herself, and her son. She couldn't let Lucia take for granted that she could humiliate her so

you still upset?"

"Auntie Selina,

replied, "No one wanted to eat with her at the table anyway. Even if your Great-Grandpa doesn't care about her, your Daddy won't let

Joe looked ahead, and said, "I wanted to let that woman know that she can't bully my Mommy, because no one can bully my Mommy! How could she speak to

next time. After all, your Great-Grandpa was

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