Ice and Fire

Chapter 205 A Sweet Life

When it came bedtime for Joe, Cherry read a story for him. After he fell asleep, she tucked him in and left the room.

When she was also on her way to her bedroom, Cherry saw that the light in the study room was on. She thought that Jackson must surely be in there, and she decided to go and check on him.

On her way to him, she saw Lily holding a cup of hot coffee in her hands.

Lily greeted Cherry, "Madam."

"Is that for Jackson?" asked Cherry, referring to the cup of steaming coffee.

Lily nodded.

"Give it to me, I'll take it to him. You can leave now, " said Cherry, while she took the cup from her hands.

"Okay, " said Lily while nodding.

Cherry then entered the study.

Jackson didn't raise his head at first, thinking that it was Lily, but when he caught Cherry's sweet scent, he immediately realized that his wife was in the room.

Jackson then looked up and saw Cherry standing beside him. "How come you brought me the coffee?" he asked.

Cherry then handed him the cup, and said, "I just put Joe to sleep earlier and I saw Lily bringing you the coffee, so I thought I would better bring it to you and let her go and rest."

Jackson took the cup of coffee and sipped some of it before he placed it on his desk.

Cherry thought that since she brought him the coffee she should leave.

But Jackson suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms.

Cherry lost her balance for a moment and fell into Jackson's lap.

She quietly sat on his lap, listened to his breath and smelled the coffee mixed with her husband's scent.

"Why the rush? Why not stay a little longer with me here?" said Jackson, trying to nuzzle Cherry who felt his warm breath on her cheek.

She immediately turned her head away and avoided to look at him. "It's late, " she said, "I have to go to bed."

"It's only ten o'clock now, it's not too late, " whispered Jackson affectionately in her ear.

"Take your time then, I'm going now, " said Cherry, as she struggled to get rid of his hold, but failed. She was locked tight in his arms, and it seemed that she had no way of escaping him.

"I want you to stay with me, " he said, domineering.

out to be in vain. Eventually, she gave up on her

then obediently settled down on his lap and cuddled up against

Cherry with one hand, while with the other he flipped the pages of the book in front

he wanted to do now. How could he read a book in such a circumstance, when he was

his hand moved from her shoulder onto her

" suddenly began Cherry to say, "Was Grandpa angry because

answered Jackson.

that's good, " said Cherry carefully.

fair face, her innocent look fuelled his

the guts to fight Lucia today?" asked Jackson. He remembered that in the past, Cherry had always remained silent to whatever Lucia had said to her, he being the one who had always stood out and defended her. However, now Cherry had dared to excuse herself and Joe

"Five years ago things were different, but not anymore now." She had renewed herself in the past five years, and she had to be brave because she now had a son to

can't Joe and I protect ourselves

stared at Cherry, and said, "Are you saying that I didn't protect you and our

spoke the words very slowly, sounding as though she was questioning his ability to


he grabbed

that you're my woman and that I'll protect you forever!" said Jackson

who was no longer trusting

and then flatly said, "Jackson, I know how to protect myself. There's

with a sudden and violent kiss on her

to push him

him. He wanted her be the good girl

and by the time Jackson was done with her, Cherry's face was flushed scarlet, and she

to calm down, Jackson picked her up in his arms and walked out of the room with

you taking me? asked Cherry, anxious about what was


bedroom's door and

put Cherry on the bed and then threw himself onto her.

love, and the night became long and

by keeping her so

woken up, and as he rubbed his sleepy eyes, he walked to

Joe as he pushed the door open, but he found that the

felt a little bit upset when he didn't find Cherry there, and wondered, 'Why would Mommy get up so early on a Sunday

for a while longer and then decided to ask his Daddy about

as silent as possible not to alarm the people inside. He peeped through the door's crack and saw his father cuddling with his

covered his mouth, closed his eyes, and walked away, tiptoeing downstairs with a big smile on

the first floor, and when Joe saw her, he immediately told her, "Lily, don't clean

the young master disturbed her routine job,

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