Ice and Fire

Chapter 206 A Large Amount Of Money

After they lingered for about an hour in the bathroom, they finally walked out of it.

After that, Cherry put on one of her casual home dresses and went downstairs. She saw Joe playing with Bill in the courtyard and watering the flowers with a sprinkler in his hand. When she saw how happy he was, Cherry smiled delightedly.

Downstairs, Lily was preparing lunch, and Cherry decided to go to the kitchen and help her.

When she saw that Cherry was downstairs, Lily hastily said, "Madam, you're up already?"

"Yes, " said Cherry as she nodded, "Are you cooking lunch?"

"Yes, " replied Lily.

"Let me help you, " said Cherry, and after that, she washed her hands and started to help Lily prepare the meal.

Jackson also came downstairs, and when he saw that Cherry was cooking with Lily in the kitchen, he felt in a good mood and light hearted. He then went to the courtyard to see his son.

He saw that he was watering the flowers but that his feet were wet, and shouted, "Joe!"

Hearing his Daddy, Joe quickly answered in a loud voice, "Daddy!"

"Don't play in the water, be careful not to catch a cold!" said Jackson, very concerned about his son's health.

"It's fun to play in the water, Daddy, " said Joe, while he continued watering the plants with his feet soaked in water.

Jackson could not help but shake his head when he heard him. He ordered Bill, who was standing beside Joe, "Watch him, and don't let his clothes get wet!"

"Certainly, Mr. Jackson, " replied Bill politely.

Jackson then turned around, walked into the living room, and sat on the sofa to read his newspaper.

After lunch was ready, Cherry walked into the courtyard and shouted to her son, who was still playing, "Joe, come and have lunch!"

"But Mommy, I still want to play some more!" said Joe, unwilling to go back inside the house.

played all morning! It's time for lunch now, "

and was reluctant to go to Cherry, but was

saw that Jackson was still sitting in the living room, she told

Jackson in the living room, "Daddy, Mommy asked you to

Cherry pull his son into the dining room. He then put down the

father and mother were. He saw that neither one of them were smiling, but that his father had a much more tender expression on his face than

asked Cherry, noticing that from time to

snickered, and hastily

lowered his head and started to

Cherry, and didn't feel that

watching TV in

Jackson's phone rang.

and Jackson immediately answered


Jackson?" asked Derek, with

at home. What's up?" asked

go back to the barracks this afternoon. Something happened..." said Derek.

and then replied, "Okay, got it. I'll be on my

could have possibly happened

and she asked Jackson, "What happened? Why are you in such

Derek said that something happened and that we have to deal with it,

back, it must be something important, "

tone, said, "I may not

will ask Bill to drive me to work tomorrow, " said Cherry, in a very understanding tone.

arm and planted a big kiss on her forehead. He was reluctant to leave Cherry's side, and in a tender voice, he said, "Then you and

Cherry nodded.

into the house only after she saw Jackson drive his car away.

she returned, Cherry continued to sit on the sofa and watch TV, but she

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