Ice and Fire

Chapter 210 You Are Not Qualified (Part One)

Cherry stood behind Stephen, also stunned by his sudden move. She hadn't expected him to defend her against Sally.

Stephen didn't answer Sally, and instead said, "Let's continue our conversation next time. You can leave here now."

Sally stared at him with anger in her eyes, and thought in her mind, 'Stephen, how could you lose your judgement in front of this woman? If so, how could we continue with our future plan?'

Stephen saw that Sally still had no intention to leave. He felt troubled, because he knew Sally well and understood that she wouldn't do anything against her will.

Stephen then turned around to face Cherry, and in a much softer tone, said, "Let's get out of here."

He didn't wait for Cherry's reply, and immediately took her arm and was about to leave the office with her.

When Sally saw them leaving, she suddenly shouted, "Stephen, if she knew all of our things, do you think that she would still go with you?"

When they heard Sally's words, Stephen and Cherry both suddenly stopped.

Cherry looked at Stephen and didn't say a word, and instead waited for him to say something.

Stephen thought for a while and decided that it should be the best for him to keep silent. Eventually, he left with Cherry.

Cherry walked behind Stephen with her arm in his hand. While they were going down the stairway, Cherry asked, "Where are we going?"

Stephen didn't answer

for him to reply for some time, she curiously looked at him, and found that anger was written all over

because at that moment her words were nothing but a background

decided to be silent, and to just

Stephen quickly glanced at the hotel across the street and immediately strode towards

because she was waiting for him to stop somewhere and to ask him to

already standing somewhere not far from the hotel. He kept his eyes on them as

you bring me here?" asked Cherry, confused.

card from the receptionist and then walked into the elevator

his house also parked across the street,

of the car and then

walked up to Jackson, and respectfully said to

on Jackson's face was unfathomable, and he immediately entered the hotel to find them.

immediately got nervous. At that moment, the hotel's manager happened to be inspecting the workers in the

a flattering smile on his face, and said, "Mr. Jackson!

no attention to him, and as he looked at the receptionist, he asked, "Which room is Stephen

her eyes between Jackson and the manager and felt in a dilemma. According to the hotel's rule, all the customers' information was confidential, and couldn't be given away under any circumstances; besides, Stephen also wasn't an

Jackson, angrily shouted at her, "Come on already, woman! What're you doing? Do you want this building razed to

manager shivered with fear when he heard Bobby's words, and he hastily said to

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