Ice and Fire

Chapter 213 I Would Not Leave Mommy (Part One)

"Not even Daddy?" asked Joe. But he had already had an answer in his heart. How could he believe his father when his mother had been beaten by him?

Cherry then looked at her son, and seriously said, "Joe, I don't know your father anymore, and I can't promise that he won't try to hurt you."

Joe nodded sensibly to Cherry, and said, "Mommy, I understand."

In the morning, Cherry got up as usual and also waked her son. She helped him to wash and then took him downstairs holding his hand.

While they were on the first floor, Cherry looked around but didn't see Jackson, and she was a little curious about where he was. Didn't he get up yet? Sleeping in wasn't something that was in Jackson's habits.

When Lily saw Cherry downstairs, she hastily greeted her, "Good morning, Mrs. Cherry."

Cherry nodded, and said, "Good morning. Is breakfast ready?"

"Yes, madam, " replied Lily.

Cherry then said to her son, "Joe, go to the dining room and eat your breakfast, and then Bill will drive you to school."

"Okay, Mommy, " said Joe calmly.

He then went to the dining room as Cherry told him to do.

After she saw her son leave, Cherry asked Lily, "Where is Jackson?"

Jackson went out early in the morning, but I don't know where, " answered Lily.

your own business, " said

nodded to her and

she helped him dress neatly and watched him put his schoolbag on his back. She then walked with her son

and saw that there were several people dressed in black quietly standing in more or less hidden place. Were they the security guards that Jackson had called

around the courtyard, Joe couldn't help but hold his Mommy's hand tightly

whispered to him, "Joe, don't be afraid,

replied Joe.

were standing at the door. He happily said to Joe, "Mr. Joe, please get in the car. I will drive you to

going to walk her son to the

she took one step out of the house, two guards rushed out and blocked her way.

and took a few steps backwards. Joe was also frightened, and again

sudden movements coming from the guards had been beyond her expectations of them.


go to the yard to send my son to school?" said Cherry

mercilessly said to Cherry, "No,

started to pound on his leg with his little fists. He said, "Why won't

Joe was the young master. He had received orders from Jackson to only keep Mrs. Cherry in the villa, but nobody else had been mentioned. He had no choice but to accept the child's

remained motionless, and

back to her, indicating that he

they've gone too far! How could they do that to you?" furiously said Joe.

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