Ice and Fire

Chapter 219 Who Is That Man (Part Two)

As soon as she got downstairs, she saw that Joe was eating his breakfast in the dining room, while meanwhile, Jackson was sitting in the living room.

Cherry stepped into the dining room, and said to Joe with a smile on her face, "Joe, have you finished your breakfast?"

"Mommy, you came down! I'm almost done, " replied Joe happily, also smiling at her. He noticed that his Mommy's expression was better than it had been the other day, and Joe thought that it was because of his Uncle's family visit.

Cherry sat next to her son, and after she caressed his head, she said, "Hurry up, Bill has to drive you to school!"

"Okay, " replied Joe. He then suddenly thought of something, and said, "Mommy, how about I ask Lily to make a breakfast for you too. Would you like to eat it with me?"

But Cherry just shook her head, and said to Joe, "That's okay. I have no appetite and don't feel like eating, but don't worry about Mommy, I'll do that when I'm hungry."

Joe looked at his Mommy and didn't say anything more to her but nod.

After breakfast, Cherry checked Joe's schoolbag to make sure that he had taken all the things that he needed with him. She then put it on her son's back, and said, "Joe, Mommy won't see you out. Bill will drive you to school, and remember to listen to your teacher's words and be a good boy. Mommy will be here at home waiting for you after you come back, alright?"

Joe stared at his Mommy, and he knew that the guards were now outside the villa again. Mommy couldn't get out of the house no matter how much she wanted to walk him to Bill's car.

Joe nodded, and said, "Mommy, I'll come back earlier this afternoon. Remember to eat you breakfast until then!"

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