Ice and Fire

Chapter 220 She Hasn't Seen Him Yet

Cherry thought to herself, 'Jackson will never tell me about the huge money transfer, and even if he does, how do I know if he's telling me the truth or not? I don't want to question his words, I really want to believe him, but there are still so many things that I don't know about and so much doubt in my mind. No, I can't trust him.'

"Jackson, can you please tell me what happened between you and Stephen?" asked Cherry.

Jackson could tell from Cherry's words that she had only seen the photos in the bedside table's drawer, but not the ones under the dressing table.

"That's none of your business, and there's no need for you to know anything about it, " answered Jackson coldly.

Cherry's expression changed a bit. She then looked into Jackson's eyes, and helplessly said, "I'm your wife, Jackson, why do you have to conceal things from me? Why can't I know about it? I don't feel safe around you anymore. How could I not be scared when I don't even know my own husband?"

Jackson felt anguished when he saw the sad look in Cherry's eyes, and his expression softened a bit. "Cherr, sometimes it's better for you not to know too much about some things. I'm just trying to protect you, " said Jackson in a more tender manner.

"But I want to know, " said Cherry, as she suddenly grabbed Jackson's arm. In a firm and serious manner, she then continued to say, "I'm not asking you for the Moon, I only want to know everything that concerns my own husband. After that, be sure that I will obediently stay with you and never leave your side ever again."

After Jackson heard Cherry's words, his determination was somehow shaken. He yearned so much that the woman in front of him would be always at this side, but in the same time he was also afraid that if she knew everything then things would slip under his control, and he might not be able to protect her anymore.

Jackson didn't reply to Cherry's words, and instead he shook his arm, turned around, and walked slowly back to the living room.

When Cherry saw Jackson walking away, she knew that Jackson wouldn't tell her a thing. She had already guessed the outcome, and she knew that no matter how hard she begged and pleaded, he still wouldn't change his mind.

Disappointed, Cherry also turned around on her way upstairs, but as soon as she made a couple of steps, Jackson's voice sounded in her ears again.

"If you dare to ask anyone else about this, I won't guarantee that I won't do something bad to you, " said Jackson coldly.

She could easily tell from his tone that if she asked anyone about it, she would be

total mess, and she kept

back to the residential compound to see Derek, but after he thought better, he made a small detour and went to the apartment first.

as he got out of the car, he saw his Grandpa and the butler standing in the door.

Why are you back alone? Where are Cherry and Joe?" anxiously

in a weekend and bring

today. It's a weekday, how could

then said, "Oh! I've missed Joe so much that I even forgot what day

that Andrew was laughing and didn't continue the topic; he instead turned to Jackson, and with a big smile on his face, asked, "Jackson, what

have something to talk with him,

see Derek! I'm so disappointed with you, Jackson, even Derek plays a more important role in your heart than I do!" said Andrew, pretending to be irritated. He thought to himself,

came back to see you, of course, but since I'm here, I'm also to talk with Derek. Would that be okay?" quickly said Jackson. When he looked at his old Grandpa, Jackson felt a little guilty;

your business. I'll have the butler play chess with me, " said Andrew, as

my room and wait for Derek there, " replied Jackson.

waved his hand again and beckoned him to leave.

the butler saw Jackson's receding figure, he got lost in thought, and a puzzled look shined in his

went to the Chu's quarters immediately after he received Jackson's call. When he walked into the house he saw that Andrew and the butler were busy playing chess together in the

Jackson's room and saw him sitting on the edge of the bed with a

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window, and said, "I just brought them from the apartment. I

because he never cared about anyone else as much as he cared

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