Ice and Fire

Chapter 223 My Woman Is Really Something

While he was taking off his clothes, Jackson replied, "Through the door."

Cherry remembered that she had locked her door, and wondered how did Jackson manage to get in. Then it hit her that of course he had access to every room, because he was the villa's owner.

When she saw that Jackson was coming closer and closer to her, Cherry retreated to one of the corners of the bathroom. She looked at him while she had her arms wrapped tight around her chest, and said, "Don't come closer, stop!"

"Since I'm already here, I think that we should take a shower together!" said Jackson.

He then took Cherry into his arms.

That night both of them went wild with joy in the bathtub.

In the morning, Cherry woke up in a daze, and remembered that she had to wake up her son for school when she saw that it was already six.

Cherry frowned when she saw that Jackson was sleeping like a log next to her. He had acted like a beast during the night, and now she couldn't understand how he was able to sleep so peacefully.

Cherry carefully rolled away from Jackson, because she wanted to get up and go to Joe's room to wake him up.

But Jackson tightly held down Cherry back on the bed when she tried to get up.

Jackson was always cautious. When he sensed that the woman in his arms was moving away from him, he pulled her closer to him, and asked, "What are you doing?"

Cherry tried to resist him, and while she was trying to break away from his hold, she said, "It's already six, I need to wake up Joe for school."

"Lily will wake him up, you don't need to be worried about that, " said Jackson, with his eyes still closed. He wanted to sleep next to Cherry for a while longer, because he felt secure and at peace with her around him.

"I don't feel alright if I don't check on him myself, " replied Cherry. She didn't want to stay with him any longer, and she felt angry when she thought about what he had done to her last night.

Seeing that she insisted, Jackson finally gave up and let her go.

Cherry instantly jumped out of the bed the moment after Jackson loosened his grip on her. She then quickly put on her clothes and walked out of her bedroom.

up her son, and watched him brush his teeth and have his breakfast. Cherry felt relieved after she saw Bill drive him away to school, because her son was her whole world, as long

then walked back upstairs and went into her bedroom. She saw that Jackson was brushing his teeth


Cherry in a low voice while avoiding to

to Cherry, and as he looked at her, said, "Let's go downstairs and have some

like eating right now. You can go ahead and eat first,

as he looked at her, he said, "I want you to accompany

not to disobey him, or otherwise he would get stirred

out of the bedroom

the dining room, Lily quickly

seat that he usually did, Jackson sat on

lost all of her appetite when she saw all the food in front of her, and although she did feel a

other hand, was busy munching

out of her food yet. He turned to her,

but maybe I'll eat some later, " replied Cherry quietly.

all the lovemaking that she did with him during the night. Why did she have

just don't feel like eating right now, " said Cherry. That was true, because she also didn't know

and stroke her hair. He gently said, "Tell me right now

what he said. She turned her head sideways, and

looked at her

a bit irritated by her answer, so she continued, "You don't need to worry about me, I'm really okay.

she lightly nudged him, beckoning

to eat

left the dining room

you going out today?" asked Cherry.

and turned around to face her. He then placed his arm around

to leave?" asked Jackson, with his head lowered and staring into Cherry's eyes.

your plans for today, " quickly replied Cherry while she turned her head away, blushing. She was shy to meet his

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