Ice and Fire

Chapter 229 Who Brought Her Away

Jackson also thought things over.

Something then occurred into Cherry's mind, and she turned to Jackson. As she stared at him, she asked, "Jackson, what did you do to Jean? What on Earth happened to her? Why has she come back to the city?"

Jackson felt his heart ache when he looked at Cherry's emotional expression. He didn't dare to tell her the cruel truth about Jean.

When Cherry noticed that Jackson didn't say anything, she became even more emotional and distressed. She said, "Tell me! Jackson, tell me!"

Jackson shook Cherry's arms and tried to calm her down. He said, "Baby."

She looked at Jackson silently and didn't say anything more.

After Jackson saw Cherry calmed down, he slowly said, "Do you really want to know what happened to Jean?"

Cherry nodded, because she realized that she had to know the truth.

Jackson then slowly loosened Cherry's arms and turned his head sideways, because he didn't dare to look at Cherry while he told her what had happened to her elder sister.

Jackson slowly began to say, "Five years ago, after Emily died because of Jean, I wanted to kill Jean because I wanted to kill anyone who ever dared to hurt you.

But Derek advised me that she was your elder sister after all, and that it would be better to have mercy to her." Jackson paused for a moment, and then carefully continued, "I considered it for a long time and finally sent her to live in the underground world."

Cherry couldn't stop shaking her head while Jackson was talking. She knew how the underground world looked like. Women in the underground world weren't ordinary women at all, and men in the underground world had fun with money, while the women took advantage of them by sex.

Jackson continued, "Later, Derek told me that someone had taken her away and had left the city. I thought that she wouldn't come back anymore, so I didn't care where she had gone to."

Cherry then finally understood why Jackson hadn't killed Jean at that time. Jackson had spared Jean, but in the process humiliated her. Jackson thought that she would never come back to the city after that, but unexpectedly, Jean had not only come back, but also seen Joe, their son.

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