Ice and Fire

Chapter 231 I Will Definitely Not Let You Go (Part Two)

Cherry and Jackson joined their son for breakfast. Joe squinted at Cherry and Jackson from time to time while he ate. He was very curious to know what his parents discussed last night. They looked the same, so it seemed that nothing had happened.

After breakfast, Cherry asked Jackson, "Would it be okay if I drove Joe to school today?"

Jackson was not surprised, he knew Cherry was worried, "Just let Bill drive him. Don't worry, everything will be fine." Jackson reassured her.

Cherry didn't give up though, and instead she stubbornly said, "I want to drive him to school myself. I won't be late for work, even if I drive him to school."

Cherry was determined, and Jackson found that himself agreeing unable to refuse her.

In the car, Joe watched his mom, wanting to ask her what had happened yesterday, but he didn't know how to start the conversation.

Looking at her son in the rearview mirror, Cherry saw he was about to say something, but then stopped. She knew something was on his mind, so she then stopped the car not far from his school.

Cherry turned around and looking at her son asked, "Joe, is there something that you wanted to ask Mommy about?"

Since his mom had guessed his thoughts, Joe nodded asking, "Mommy, could you please tell me who that woman I met yesterday is? Do you know her?"

Cherry had no intentions of concealing anything from her son, "Joe, " Cherry started, "The woman you met yesterday is your Mommy's elder sister, your aunt, but…"

from her son's face, "Before you were born, Mommy and Daddy had a fierce quarrel with your aunt, " Cherry

words, and seemed to understand why the woman had talked to

me that she would not let my mommy go.

strangers, and you can only leave school when Daddy, Mommy or Bill come to pick you up. When you are at school, you must be alert too. Do not talk to any adults, except

about him, "Yes mommy. Don't worry. I have remembered your words well. I won't

anything happens, you can just call Mommy or Daddy. Clear?" There was a nervous tone to Cherry's voice, and she felt very uneasy.

can take good care of myself, " said Joe proudly, a look of strength gleamed as he sat

at her son and

car at the gate of the school and

a black car parked not far away from her. Jean was

with Jackson? What's more, their son is so cute. Even as children, she would win first place no matter what we did together. I'm so jealous and couldn't hate her more. She ran away from Jackson five years ago, and I thought she would never come back. But, at last, she came back and worse, she brought their son! How could she and Jackson be so happy while I'm in such a miserable situation? I can never forget what they did to me,

glaring as she started her

drove to Stephen's bar. She parked the car,

of the waiters saw her, he greeted her politely, "Nice to

is Stephen?" Jean said coldly in an arrogant manner.

in his office,

heading straight to

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