Ice and Fire

Chapter 233 Go Back To The Military Residential Compound (Part One)

"Is that in compliance with the Company's policy?" Cherry's brows knitted questioningly as she asked Selina.

"Of course! I'll make the arrangements right away." With these words, Selina turned and left Cherry's office.

As Selina left, Cherry felt relieved that Selina was getting her some help for the daunting work.

Cherry's cell phone suddenly rang, when she was about to get a glass of water for herself. She took out of her cell phone and saw Wilson's name on the screen.

Cherry answered the phone, "Hello, Wilson."

"Hello, are you busy right now, Cherry?" Wilson asked in a soft, gentle manner.

"Not too busy, " Cherry said into the phone. She wondered whether he was calling for what they had spoken about recently.

"Hey, are you calling because you have news for what we talked about before?"

Wilson pondered for a while before he spoke, "Cherry, would it be convenient for you to meet me? We should discuss this in person."

Cherry hesitated, looked at her watch before finally agreeing, "Okay. Let's meet at the cafe near your work, in say, half an hour."

"Okay, see you then, "

hung the phone up, sorted the documents littering her desk and then went to find Selina.

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