Ice and Fire

Chapter 235 I Want To See My Little Buddies

The smile slowly faded from Cherry's face at what Jackson said. She looked up at him questioning, "Why do you want us to go visit Grandpa all of a sudden?"

"I just can't put my mind at ease. You know we left him there and haven't been back to see him in such a long time. It would make me feel better to go visit and make sure he is okay." Jackson's tone was gentle, he loved Cherry with all his heart and only wanted to treat her with tenderness.

Cherry agreed, she believed Grandpa Andrew missed Jackson a lot living in the big house alone. The butler may have been with him for many years, but, he was just an old friend to him, not a family member. Furthermore, when they visited him last time, Cherry could tell that Grandpa Andrew loved Joe dearly, so he must hope to see Joe too.

"Jackson, I think we should visit Grandpa Andrew too. How about going back this weekend?" Cherry asked, gazing at Jackson.

Jackson nodded his head, happily. Now that Cherry worked, and Joe had to go to school they could only visit their Grandpa on weekends.

At that moment, Lily approached them and announced, "Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry, dinner is ready."

Cherry turned head, nodding to her in acknowledgement, "Alright, thank you. Please, go upstairs and ask Joe to join us."

"Okay, " answered Lily.

When Joe came down from upstairs, he saw his parents were in the dining room, already eating their meal. He rushed in with a smile asking, "Mommy, why don't you wait to have dinner with me?"

"We haven't started eating at all, we are waiting for you." Cherry said smiling at Joe. Her love and tenderness reflected in her eyes.

"I just thought, how could you two begin dinner without your lovely son?" Joe stated more than asked in a flat tone as he took a pair of chopsticks to eat with, regardless of what his parents thought and what their expression turned to be.

Cherry gave Jackson a questioning look, but all he could do was slowly shake his head, shrugging helplessly.

"Joe? When did you become so narcissistic?" Cherry questioned her son. Her voice had the serious chiding motherly tone.

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I go there, I will take you to there too!"

won't go with you, " Cherry responded scornfully. Her naughty son always

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his trick on his Mommy when he heard his Daddy's word. He looked at his Mommy and said earnestly, "Mommy, I'm sorry.

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"Cherry, how could you roll around in the bed with any other man while we were apart over the

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