Ice and Fire

Chapter 236 Will He Be Mad with You

Later in bed, Cherry lay with her eyes closed, snuggling up against Jackson.

"Baby, " Jackson called softly.

"Yes?" asked Cherry, slowly opening her eyes.

"Did you really lay with our genius son?" Jackson questioned Cherry as he gazed down at her.

Cherry didn't know whether to cry or laugh. How could he ask such a childish question?

"Let's just go to sleep, okay?" Cherry murmured as she closed her eyes again.

"You belong to me, and no one will take you away, " Jackson growled possessively as he pinned Cherry under him.

The bedroom brimmed with an atmosphere of sweet love.

The next morning, Cherry was up very early. She woke Jackson up and then went to get Joe up. They washed up together and went downstairs.

As they sat at the dining room and had their breakfast, Cherry felt like her body had been bruised and crushed. Jackson had been so energetic the night before, and she had gotten almost no sleep.

"Mommy, are you alright? You don't look well." Joe was concerned when he saw how tired his mother looked.

"Are you sick?" asked Jackson, worried about Cherry too.

Cherry gave Jackson a stern yet embarrassed look, before she went back to eating her breakfast quietly..

Joe saw the look between his parents and realized what happened. He immediately dropped his gaze and ate his breakfast, but he couldn't help beaming.

Jackson looked from Cherry to Joe, and shrugged.

After breakfast, Bill took Joe to school. Cherry stood on the porch and watched the car leaving before she went back into the house.

"He'll be fine, don't worry." Jackson told Cherry reassuring as he put his arm around her shoulder.

"I can't help worrying." said Cherry.

Jackson looked into her eyes as he told her slowly, "Rest assured that I'll protect you and our son."

say something

to the barracks

him, and knew she was going to miss him

other soldier, and told her, "I'm not

nodded, understanding the difficulties of being a soldier.

Caroline as she entered the JS

greeted cheerily, "Good morning,


hastily added, "Miss Selina has been expecting

it, " Cherry nodded.

to Selina's office

Cherry called out, standing in the open doorway of

you, "

Selina's desk and sat opposite her, "What's

of Personnel Changes." Selina requested as she handed

and read through it, then, she looked up at Selina inquiring, "Is it definite that he'll be the new

result of the board meeting. He'll take over the department, and your future job will be to accompany me for activities and meeting. You'll need to spend more time outside on duty. Are

When she was a salesperson, she visited her clients often, so attending business activities and meetings with Selina

you will be accompanying me to meet with representatives of

"Okay." Cherry nodded.

seriously, "Actually, I have something important to tell

" said

city. It has a Hong Kong company backing it,

noticed the name on

their chairman is Mond Xu, " replied Selina

papers before looking up at Selina, "This document doesn't contain

had searched, but this was the only information on the ZM group she could dig up. She couldn't find any other valuable information, even on the company's chairman Mond Xu. Not online,

document, and finally she said, "This

find." Selina had been racking her brains, trying to

anything to do with us." Cherry asked curiously when she noticed Selina seemed to be struggling. "Why would they

Cherry the truth, but she finally decided to be frank with her. After all, Cherry

heard of Mond Xu before now. Think about it. How can a business

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