Ice and Fire

Chapter 246 Taking Care of Andrew (Part One)

When Jackson saw Cherry relax, he let her go. As he fondled her cheek, he said, "Baby, stay at home and get some rest. I need to go and see Derek to fix some matters."

Cherry nodded and didn't ask more. She understood that Jackson and Derek had their own affairs to handle.

Jackson then kissed Cherry on her forehead and left.

While he was driving, he called Derek.

"Hello, Jackson, " answered Derek.

"Derek, where are you?" asked Jackson urgently.

"I'm at my apartment. What's going on?" Derek could tell from Jackson's anxious tone that something had happened.

"I have to see you right now, I'm already on my way to your place. Something came up, " said Jackson, as he drove his car at full speed to Derek's apartment.

"Okay, I'll see you here then, " said Derek.

Half an hour later, Jackson arrived at Derek's apartment. He sat on the couch and Derek brought him a cup of coffee.

Derek sat down across from him, and asked, "What's going on? Why are you in such a hurry?"

"I went back to the family residence today, " said Jackson flatly.

"You actually went back there?" said Derek, a little surprised. He continued to ask, "What happened?"

"Sally saw Joe, " said Jackson with his head lowered.

"Sally? You mean she's going to hurt Joe?" asked Derek, reading the meaning of Jackson's words.

"You know that she always goes overboard, " said Jackson, a little troubled by the whole thing. He had been unwilling to take any aggressive actions against Sally before, but he had changed his mind since Cherry had left him without a word five years ago. Cherry's departure had made him realize that all this time he had surrendered himself to Sally too much, and that he had to end it.

Derek fell deep in thought. After a while, he said, "But Joe has to go to school. You and Cherry can't always be there to protect him."

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Joe, I'll never leave her unpunished!" said Derek

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Jackson, while seriously gazing into Derek's eyes.

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nodded vigorously, and replied, "Yes,

mustn't tell anyone about our plan, and we should do everything in utmost secrecy. This way, we'll be prepared for

can count it on me, I know what i have to do, " said Derek decisively. He had never

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