Ice and Fire

Chapter 248 Move Back (Part One)

Early in the morning, Cherry drove her son to school, and didn't leave for work until she saw him walking into the building.

She then arrived at the JS Group, and as soon as she walked into her office, the internal phone rang.

Cherry politely answered it, "Hello."

"Cherry, it's me, " said Selina from the other side of the line.

"Selina?" asked Cherry surprised. She hadn't expected to receive a call from her in the very first moments of the day.

"Yes, it's me. I didn't think you arrived yet, " said Selina smiling.

"I've arrived just a few moments ago. What happened? Is there something that you need to tell me?" curiously asked Cherry.

"Yes, come to my office, please, I do want to talk to you about something."

"Okay, I'm coming right now, " replied Cherry.

And after she hung up, she walked straight to Selina's office.

In the office, Selina and Cherry discussed something about business on the sofa.

"Cherry, there will be an important party next week, and maybe you'll have to attend it with me, " said Selina as she looked at Cherry.

"I'm going with you?" Cherry was a little surprised. Why her? If the party was all about businessmen making contacts with each other for their own benefit, she didn't like it, because she had never enjoyed that kind of atmosphere ever. She had always avoided such occasions whenever it was possible.

"Yes, " said Selina as she nodded to her. She then continued, "I think that Jackson and my brother will also be at the party, because there will also be a lot of businessmen, politicians and military officials there. To put it more bluntly, it will be a party of the upper class of the city."

She would rather stay at home and

was unwilling to attend the party, but there was no way that she could turn it down, because she was Jackson Chu's wife. In a word, she was not only

in a soft and persuasive voice as she looked at her, "I know that you don't want to go to this kind of parties, but this time, I'm afraid that you have to. You're Jackson's wife, and he's definitely coming, and

admit that Selina did have a point. Even if Selina hadn't pointed it out for her, she would have still done that by herself

to meet you now that you're back with Jackson again. And now you're also

Selina said to her was

Jackson know about it yet?" asked

called my brother and informed him about it. There are two invitation letters, one for you and Jackson, and one for

about it with Jackson after

say, "Actually, Cherry, I was also wondering about

Cherry, as she suddenly turned to look at Selina with a serious look on her face.

think that the chairman of the ZM Group may also turn up at

a little surprised, because if it was true and he actually showed up at the party, then

her. She said, "He's definitely coming to the party. The ZM Group has caught everyone's attention in the business world, so there's no way in hell that he won't attend such an

she pondered for a while, Cherry thought that now she had some pretty good reasons to

her own office and got absorbed in her work

was so concentrated on her work that she completely lost track of

took it out and saw that it was Jackson.

She answered, "Hi, Jackson."

working?" he

"Yes. Oh, I didn't realize that it's already time to leave work. I was so busy

said, "Baby, don't work yourself so hard. There will always be work, you can't finish it all in

and then asked, "Where

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