Ice and Fire

Chapter 250 Move Back (Part Three)

"Okay, then what about this house?" asked Cherry.

"Let's keep it, and we can come back here from time to time. I bought it for you in the first place, so I'll never sell it, " said Jackson.

Cherry was a little moved by his words, and as she leaned on his chest, she looked up at her husband and said, "Thank you, Jackson."

Lowering his head, Jackson looked into Cherry's eyes, which were very beautiful, and got lost in them.

"Silly girl, you don't have to thank me for anything. You're my girl, and my greatest treasure!" said Jackson, and as he gently stroked Cherry's hair, love and tenderness clearly reflected in his eyes.

"Me too, my dear, thank you for loving me, " replied Cherry, who knew deep inside that she would love no one else except Jackson for her whole life.

With her face against Jackson's chest, Cherry felt very warm in his arms. 'It's the warmest place in the world, ' thought Cherry.

However, something suddenly occurred to Cherry, and she looked up at Jackson and said, "Oh, Selina told me today that there'll be a party next week. Are we going?"

As he looked at Cherry, Jackson nodded, and said, "Yes, it's a big party, and I need you to go there with me."

Cherry nodded and said nothing.

I hope that you can go with me this time. It won't last long, and if you feel tired, we can always come back home earlier, " said Jackson. He somehow understood that Cherry didn't want to attend the party at all, because she had always hated being surrounded by

surrounded by a group of strangers. I'll feel a lot less awkward with them around me, " said Cherry while smiling.

dresses some day, " gently said Jackson. He truly believed that his girl would be the most beautiful woman

Are you forgetting that we bought some dresses last time we went shopping? I

are out of date! We'll buy some new ones this time, and you don't have to save money for me, never! Don't you know by now

she saw his expression there was no way that Cherry could refuse him any longer, so she finally nodded and agreed with

looked at Cherry seriously, and said, "Baby, you're my girl, and you'll live a better life than anyone else in the world! I'll give you

now, " said Cherry. She already had everything that she wanted,

and said, "Then enjoy your life as Mrs. Cherry in happiness! I'll make you happy all the time,

said Cherry nodding, with her heart filled with

thought to herself, 'Jackson, with you and Joe around me I'm

with Joe in her car. He then also got in his own car, and drove

Grandpa was doing his morning exercise with the butler in the yard.

little surprised. As he looked at him, he

and said, "Grandpa, I'm here because I have to tell

as he stopped his martial arts

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