Ice and Fire

Chapter 251 His Deepest Nightmare (Part One)

"Well, as long as Cherry and Joe are happy with it, " said Andrew cheerfully. 'It seems that the house will be more lively in the days ahead, ' thought Andrew, with a smile shining bright on his lips when Joe's cute face appeared in his mind.

Jackson looked at his Grandpa, and after he pondered something for a while longer, said to him, "Grandpa, I still have something else to tell you."

"Okay, just speak out you mind. You don't need to be constrained in front of me in any way, " said Andrew, clearly in a good mood.

"I'm planing to bring Bill and Lily here and to dismiss the other housekeepers, all except for our butler, so that he can keep you company and always be at your side. What do you think about that?" After Jackson finished his words, he turned his eyes to the butler who was standing beside his Grandpa.

The butler happened to look into his eyes at that moment, but he immediately lowered his head and averted his sight from Jackson because of his terrifying stare. It was obvious that Jackson had said those words to warn him, because no useless person could stay in the Chu household.

Andrew pondered what Jackson said, and replied, "Of course you can bring them here, but you don't have to dismiss the housekeepers. We have enough money for all the servants, so you don't need to worry about that."

But Jackson didn't listen to his words, and carried on to say, "Grandpa, I'm just afraid that it will be inconvenient for us with so many people around there if Cherry and Joe come back. Lily is enough for the whole house."

When he saw how persistent his beloved grandson was, Andrew decided to allow him. As he shook his hand, he said, "Fine, fine, do what you want."

"Thank you, Grandpa, " said Jackson. "I'll drive Cherry and Joe here this afternoon."

"Alright, alright. By the way, you don't have to clean the room, the housekeepers do that everyday. All you have to do is to move in, " said Andrew happily.


After he left the family residence, Jackson went straight to the JS Group.

Inside the JS Building, he took the chairman's elevator to Selina's office on the top floor.

in the morning. While she was sitting in the office?with nothing to do next, she started to sort

opened, something which caught Selina's attention. She looked out of her office

closed it, and then stood up to greet

walked into her office

miss my sister, am I right?"


of tea in her hands, and she put it on the table in

down opposite to Jackson. She said to Caroline, "Tell Cherry to

said Caroline respectfully,

focused his attention onto

Selina wished that she had the chance to meet the president of the ZM Group, and that she might get the opportunity to establish a business partnership with the ZM Group. She

the same with Cherry, right?" asked Jackson.

her with her work, and she's also quite free, " answered Selina. She then suddenly found something behind Jackson's words, and said,


look at Jackson irate, speechless with

family residence with Cherry, "

was obviously shocked by what Jackson had

in a cold tone,

replied Selina immediately, "The family residence is your home too. You can do whatever you like, just do


just felt a little bit confused about your decision. Why do you want to move back to the family

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