Ice and Fire

Chapter 255 Late Night Hallway (Part Two)

"Grandpa!" Jackson couldn't help but shout when he heard Andrew mentioning his death.

Andrew patted Jackson's hand, and said, "My grandson, I'm old now, and it's a normal that eventually all people die some day. No one can stop this."

Jackson was so upset that he couldn't say a word anymore.

Andrew suddenly fixed his eyes on his grandson, and said, "Jackson, I'm planning to transfer all my power to you. Then, I'll have nothing to worry about anymore."

Jackson knew what was the power that his Grandpa meant. With that power, he would have a huge army at his disposal with which he could control all the grandees in the city.

Jackson declined Andrew's offer, and said, "Grandpa, you should keep the token for now, I don't need it. Besides, I have Bobby at my side, and he can still help me to do a lot of things." He thought that if his Grandpa still held the token, he would think that he still had responsibility, and that he would forget sometimes that he was old. Jackson hoped that Andrew could live as long as he could to accompany him for more time.

Andrew was astonished by his reply, and asked, "You really don't want it?" He thought to himself, 'Why did my grandson turn me down? The token is always there for him, and he knows that's impossible for me to give the token to someone else. Why didn't he accept it?'

Jackson nodded, and said, "Grandpa, I don't want to have it now, and I hope that you can keep it for longer."

Jackson still didn't say what he wanted to.

thought was 'Grandpa, I hope

anymore. He nodded, and

Jackson also nodded.

said, "Jackson, can't you still

Lucia, Jackson showed his cold face, and

Jackson was still mad at Lucia, Andrew tried to persuade him to reconsider, and said, "Jackson, although she isn't related to you, I've always considered her as my own granddaughter. You know what kind of person she is, and you know that she just likes showing off her wealth.

thought to himself, 'How can I forgive someone who has insulted my woman? Even if

a while, Jackson looked at Andrew's

I'll forgive her if you wish me to, " he said, but still angry with what Lucia had done.

he said, "That's right! Family should be like this!" After he calmed down, he became more serious, and said, "Actually, your sister has really suffered a lot. Except for the Ye Family, she has no

going to say. Actually, Edwin Ye was a useless man, and he was always silent and submissive no matter where he went or whom he met. The whole Ye Family was supported by Lucia, and John obeyed her and didn't want to reject her, because he knew that she was under extreme pressure all the time anyway. Besides, whenever the Ye Family had any problems, Lucia always sought out help from the Chu Family, and Jackson was the one who always helped them. The

"Grandpa, I know

and said, "That's great, great! Now that you're back with Cherry and

worry, I'll take care of all of these things, all you need to

kind smile appeared on Andrew's face, and he

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