Ice and Fire

Chapter 257 The Valuable Pendants (Part One)

In the morning, Cherry got up very early and made breakfast with Lily.

When Jackson and Joe came downstairs together, they saw that Cherry was busy cooking breakfast in the kitchen. Joe then shouted cheerfully, "Mommy, Mommy, is the breakfast ready yet?"

Cherry answered, "Almost. You can sit in the dining room and wait for your Great-Grandpa, and we'll have breakfast together in just a minute."

"Alright, " cheerfully replied Joe.

After a while, Andrew also came downstairs with the use of his cane. When he saw that Joe and Jackson were in the dining room, and that Cherry and Lily were cooking breakfast in the kitchen, he suddenly got the true meaning of the word "family".

Joe greeted him happily, "Good morning, Great-Grandpa!"

Jackson also stood up and walked towards Andrew. He then helped him sit down at the table in the dining room.

Andrew looked at Jackson and greeted him nodding. He then looked at Joe, and after he smiled, he said to him, "Joe, you got up quite early."

"Yeah, my Mommy has to wake me up early every morning. Oh, it's such a torture!" said Joe, with an aggrieved look on his face.

Sitting next to him, Andrew looked at Joe, and said, "You need to go to school, and you have to get up early so you don't be late."

"Well, I really want that the weekend would come sooner, so I can sleep in, " said Joe with a pout.

"Naughty boy!" said Andrew smiling at his great-grandson.

Cherry and Lily then brought the breakfast dishes on the table. When Cherry saw the hearty breakfast that she cooked, she sat down next to Jackson.

everybody!" said Cherry with a

took his first bite, he cried,

her son's praise, Cherry said to him,

saying any more words, Joe bowed his head

"Cherry, you're really good at cooking! No wonder that Jackson asked me to dismiss the other maids, because we can eat delicious

smiled at him, and replied, "Grandpa, I can make breakfast for

replied hastily, "No, no, it's not alright to get up so early every day. Maybe

Cherry, and whispered to her ear, "I don't

had intended to show their intimacy and to make her feel awkward. She

saw that Jackson and Cherry were whispering, Andrew smiled and lowered his head to continue eating his breakfast.

"Daddy, Mommy, haven't you had time to finish your private conversations the whole night? Why do you

heard her son's words, Cherry immediately got embarrassed and nervous. She then quickly left Jackson's side, and said

as he made a face and continued to eat his breakfast.


Mommy, because she had gotten up earlier than the others in the morning, and that she also had to go to work. If she had to pick him up in the afternoon, then she would be

asked Cherry,

wide world?" said Joe with pride. His Mommy

jealous when he heard what his son said, because the little boy always robbed his wife's love away from him. He then said, "I'll

Joe couldn't help but look at each other. Cherry then turned


his Daddy was jealous, but he was also very happy, because his Mommy was happy that his

then walked out of the house with Joe, but then they heard someone calling them as soon as they got outside.

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