Ice and Fire

Chapter 259 The Valuable Pendants (Part Three)

Andrew nodded, and said, "Well, affairs in the army can't be delayed."

Cherry looked at Andrew, and said, "Yes, I know. Grandpa, please sit here and rest for a while, I'll go to the kitchen to help Lily. I'll ask you to eat dinner when it's finished, okay?"

"Go right ahead, " replied Andrew, who was amused by his very polite granddaughter-in-law.

When Cherry left, she briefly looked at the butler and nodded to greet him.

The butler also nodded politely to her, and thought, 'She looks gentle and quiet, rather than a scheming and strong woman.'

After dinner, when Andrew saw that Cherry was going upstairs with Joe, he said to them, "Cherry, Joe, please come here."

Hearing Andrew calling them, Cherry took her son's hand and went to him. She asked, "Grandpa, what's up?"

Andrew pointed to the sofa next to him, and said to Cherry and Joe, "Sit down, I have something to tell you."

grabbed her

upstairs, and returned with two small and exquisite boxes in

the boxes

the table next to him, and opened the other box in his hand. He took out

to do. Joe stood up and walked to Andrew.

The pattern on it was very complicated, and looked like being handmade, and even though he didn't know what it was, the pendant had a noble

Joe. He said tenderly, "Joe, this pendant was bought in a tourist resort when I was young and was travelling abroad with your Great-Grandma. I will

firmly, "Great-Grandpa, I promise that I

on his neck. He still touched it with his hands, feeling somehow wistful.

time. That way, your Great-Grandpa

good care of it. Don't

then looked at Cherry, and

also stood up and

and got out of

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