Ice and Fire

Chapter 265 The Present From Great Grandfather (Part Three)

Jackson didn't want to lose his temper when he looked at Cherry, so he had no choice but to let her sit with their son.

After they arrived back home, Joe threw his school bag away and went to have fun with the other children of the residential compound.

Cherry and Jackson walked into the living room and saw that Andrew was sitting on the sofa and reading his newspaper. Jackson walked to Andrew, and said, "Hello, Grandpa! We're home!"

Andrew replied, "Oh! Good! Both Cherry and you came back!" He raised his head and glimpsed at Jackson, and then turned to Cherry, who was standing beside him.

"Yes, Grandpa! Jackson and I picked up Joe from the school earlier. Joe is having fun in the yard, " gently said Cherry.

Andrew nodded, and said, "You two go and rest upstairs; Lily will call you when dinner is ready."

"Okay, Grandpa!" Cherry nodded and then walked upstairs with Jackson.

After they entered their bedroom, Jackson held Cherry behind the door the moment he closed it. He then kissed her passionately, because he hadn't been at home for a whole day, and had thought of her the whole time.

After some time, Jackson eventually stopped kissing Cherry and closely looked at her with love sparkling in his eyes.

Cherry wasn't shy anymore in front of Jackson, and as she looked into Jackson's eyes, she said, "Don't do this anymore, okay?"

"I can't help it, Baby. I really missed you, " said Jackson, without laying his eyes off of Cherry for one moment.

put her arms around Jackson's neck and nudged his

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no time to miss you, because Joe was with me, " said Cherry

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time already. Don't you think that it's unnecessary for us to say

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then suddenly lectured him sternly, "Jackson

Now Cherry even dared to lesson him! Did the

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looked at Andrew, and said, "Grandpa, did anything happen today? You seem

the same smile on his face, Andrew said, "Oh, no! Nothing, nothing at all, I'm just delighted that all my family members live together under the same roof. Also, I found my way out of some dogmatic ideas that had been bothering me for some time. Now all I want is to see

own business, and

also lay down the chopsticks, and as he also looked at Andrew, said, "Great-Grandpa, I ranked first again in one

done, Joe, well done!" said Andrew with great delight in

way higher than the kid's that came second after me. He's not

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