Ice and Fire

Chapter 266 As Long As She Is Fine (Part One)

In the evening, when Cherry and Jackson were lying in bed, she looked at him, and said, "Jackson, I want to tell you something."

"Tell me then, " replied Jackson as he put Cherry's hair behind her ears.

"Joe wants to visit my mother and uncle. Do you want to pay them a visit this weekend?" said Cherry.

Jackson was a little surprised, because he had never expected to go to the Yuwen Family in the weekend.

"Go to Wilson's house?" asked Jackson.

Cherry nodded, and said, "Well, Joe misses his grandfather and grandmother a lot, and I miss my mom too. I also want to go back and visit them, but if you don't want to, it's fine for us to go alone."

Cherry didn't want to make Jackson feel awkward. She feared that he would have something else to do, or that he wouldn't like to go with her. After all, he was honored in the eyes of many other people, and even her mother and uncle thought highly of him.

Jackson touched Cherry's hair, and said in a spoiled manner, "Silly girl, as their son-in-law, how could I not go back to visit my in-laws?"

"Would you really like to go with us there?" asked Cherry in a surprised tone.

Jackson nodded, and replied, "Yes, we'll go there together."

"Okay, " said Cherry as she smiled happily at him. She continued to say, "My mom will be very happy! I will tell her the good news tomorrow."

"Don't go to work tomorrow. How about I accompany you to buy some gifts for Uncle, Aunt, and Wilson? We can't visit them empty-handed, right?" said Jackson.

there was

said Cherry with a smile on her

then happily held Cherry in his arms. In his heart, her mother was his own relative, and her uncle, Jacob,

"Oh, husband, I forgot to tell you about another thing; Grandpa gave me and Joe a

gift?" said Jackson, surprised.

"He gave both me and Joe this; mine's purple, and Joe's blue. Grandfather said that he gave this

that it was finely made. Was this a piece of jewellery

give me and Joe these gifts, but when I saw Grandpa's serious look I couldn't refuse him, so

Cherry's face, and said, "Well, if Grandpa gave it to you, just accept it. It's only a pendant, and I think it represents Grandpa's good

also didn't know why Andrew had given both Cherry and his son a pendant. The pendant seemed to have nothing special about it except for the delicate workmanship that was put into it. The pattern on it was very

will always take good care of this pendant, " said Cherry, holding the piece

the morning, the family sat together at the table for breakfast. Cherry glanced at Jackson, and after she thought for a while, she

and I plan to take Joe to visit my mother and my uncle. Joe misses his

"Yeah, Great-Grandpa, I miss my grandmother

He then cast his gaze onto Cherry, and said, "Cherry, your mother is also Jackson's mother, and it's normal that you should take Joe back


hello to your uncle and your mother on behalf

understand, Grandpa,

looked at Jackson, and in a commanding tone, said, "Jackson, arrange your weekend schedule accordingly and

settled, Grandpa. Don't worry about it, " said Jackson. He

a big family. Pay attention to them when you go back, and buy enough gifts; don't embarrass our family, " said

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