Ice and Fire

Chapter 268 As Long As She Is Fine (Part Three)

Jean still hadn't recovered from her emotions.

"Sally, if you dare to hurt anyone that's innocent, don't blame me for harming you!" said Stephen.

"Stephen, do you still want to protect Cherry?" Sally looked at Stephen, and continued to say, "Since you want to protect Cherry so much, why don't you take her away? I will cover you. But just don't let her near Jackson again! Jackson was mine and is mine all of his life!"

"I just want her to be happy, I don't have to own her, " said Stephen.

"Bah, your love is so great! Pff, " sneered Sally.

Mond suddenly felt angry when he saw them quarrelling with each other, and yelled, "Shut up!"

After they heard his cry, Sally and Stephen held back onto their emotions and looked at each other without saying another single word.

at them, and said, "Jackson, Cherry, Joes and

of us need to get what we want

stared at Sally, and asked, "Do you think I can get what I

what to say anymore. She immediately turned her eyes away, and

still a Miss He, and although I said that Jackson saved your

from Jackson for so many years, and that it was Mond who had helped her all along throughout the years. If it hadn't

the women's pettish affairs. He said to Stephen, "How

in touch with 80% of the JS Group's customers. If the ZM Group can secure them, even for the short term, then all of them will fully obey the instructions of the ZM Group. At that time, the JS Group, " Stephen then paused for a

everything going so well? I don't want the game to end so early, and since our affairs are intersected with Jackson's, it is better to play along with him. I wonder how great

heart, a shadow suddenly appeared. It was her shadow, a chic woman's shadow, and the memories with her had always been unforgettable. He was

Jackson, not even for a moment! After all, he has the city in his hands for so many years already, and it's impossible for him to have only the relations that we know of. If he has hidden contacts, then even if we destroy the JS Group, maybe a second

grew up all of his life depending on the Chu

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