Ice and Fire

Chapter 269 Things Will Get Better (Part One)

On Sunday morning, Jackson drove Cherry and Joe back to Yuwen household.

After Jackson stopped the car at Wilson's house gates, Joe immediately ran out of the car when he saw that his grandparents were already standing there waiting for them. He joyfully cried, "Grandpa, Grandma, I'm back!"

"Oh, my dear honey, " said Elsa, and embraced Joe in her arms the moment after he ran to her.

Jacob looked at Joe, who was in Elsa's arms, and said, "Joe, why haven't you come and visited us for such a long time?"

"But Grandpa, I'm here now! And Daddy and Mommy have also brought a lot of presents for you!" cleverly replied Joe.

At that time, Wilson also saw that Cherry and Jackson were taking things out of the car, and he quickly walked to them. While he helped them with the presents, he said, "Jackson, welcome! Is this the first time for you visiting my family?"

Jackson nodded, and said, "Yes, it is."

Cherry looked at Wilson happily, and said, "Brother, I haven't seen Mom and Uncle for some time; I hope you are not going to hate me for this."

"Ho, ho, Cherry, since they don't mind it, I have also nothing to say about it, " said Wilson, with a smile on his lips. Although he had looked forward to Cherry's visit, sometimes he had thought it was understandable for Cherry not to come back so often, because she was too busy taking good care of Joe and also going to work at the same time.

Cherry replied to him with a smile and then walked towards Elsa.

Joe was already gone from Elsa's arms, playing aside by himself.

"Mom, Uncle, I'm back!" said Cherry. She joyfully held Elsa's hands, and because she was close to her mother again, she was immediately filled with happiness.

so wonderful that you have come back to us, so wonderful!" said

the same time, Jackson looked at Elsa and Jacob and greeted

happy to see that Jackson had accompanied Cherry there, because it was the first time they met at their house, and because he knew that Jackson, with his high social position, was often very busy, and that time was limited for

you visited us! Come in, have

patted on Jackson's shoulder in high

nodded his head without uttering a word.

one another. Cherry was tenderly snuggling in Jackson's arms, and

you gotten used to living in the

under the military's jurisdiction, and that it was different from other places. She explained to her, "Well, mom, I'm fine, and everything is

It's good that you got used to

don't worry; I'm taking good care of Cherry and Joe,

Cherry is accompanied and cared by

"Uncle, I'm not a child

you can work off your stubbornness, I promise that I won't

words moved Cherry, because it was always her dearest mother who knew her best. She tenderly replied to her, "Mom, thank you for

here, let's stop the sentimental topics and talk about

Cherry, always remember to take good care of my precious grandson with

mother don't have to worry about me. I'm joyful everyday,

nodded and said nothing more.

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