Ice and Fire

Chapter 271 Things Will Get Better (Part Three)

Bobby answered Derek's phone almost instantly.

"Mr. Derek!" answered Bobby.

"Come to my apartment now! Jackson is also here with me, " said Derek coldly.

"Alright, I also have something important to talk with Mr. Jackson, " said Bobby.

After he hung up the phone, Derek said to Jackson, "Bobby told me that he also has something to talk with you. I guess it's about Sally."

"He should have found something by now, " said Jackson. He looked so serious that nobody would have ever dared to come closer to him.

Derek said nothing.

Half an hour later, Bobby arrived at Derek's apartment. He walked up to Jackson and gave him a folder.

Jackson then took the folder and opened it while he was listening to what Bobby had to say.

"This is all I found about Sally since she left the military's residential compound, and Mr. Jackson, your hunches were correct. After Sally left the residential compound, she was helped by Mond Xu, and went to live in a small town in the northern part of the country. During all these years Sally has lived a comfortable life, because Mond Xu offered her good living conditions, and Mond Xu was also the one who helped Sally to return in the city, " said Bobby. He then added that the information he provided Jackson was accurate, and that Sally was in Mond Xu's power.

do harm to Jackson and his company. Even Sally, whom they had paid so little attention to, was one of Mond Xu's pawns, and because she had been

still beyond his expectation. Had he ignored Sally for

Jackson, the ZM Group, Mond Xu, Sally and Stephen,

the folder on the desk and furiously said, "It seems that they have mustered their strength together to

and Stephen to do this, but Sally, " said Derek, with his words half uttered. But he was sure that Jackson understood what he meant,

moment later, Jackson said, "Mond Xu's intention

Derek looked at Jackson surprised, and asked, "He isn't driven against the JS Group; he's against the entire Chu Family,

person that he hates the most, " said Jackson with conviction

that, because he knew about the old

a long time, and the living room was so quiet that you could even hear a pin drop

asked in a low voice, "Mr. Jackson, what

hear his plan. Since Mond Xu had emerged out of the dark, he was sure that he

" said Jackson, looking

of what Jackson meant. Did they still have to

he asked, "Have you arranged for some security guards to

nodded, and answered him, "I have, everything was according to

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