Ice and Fire

Chapter 274 I Hate Them (Part Three)

It was incredible that Jean could actually talk with Jackson's son in such a polite and nice manner. 'How can this happen?' she thought. Although earlier Joe had been mean to her, she still wanted to have lunch with him.

"Grab lunch with you? Why would I do that?" asked Joe coldly, just like his father always did.

"Because I'm you Aunt, your mother's sister. By the way, I'm Jean."

"Jean?" Joe thought that he might have heard the name a long time ago. Had his mother ever mentioned it to him before? Perhaps not, but he thought that if Jean was telling the truth, then she was his aunt.

Joe pondered for a few moments, and considered that it was unlikely for her to harm him. If that was the case, then having lunch with her might clarify some things that his parents had tried to keep hidden away from him.

"Wait here, I'm going to speak with my class teacher and ask for a leave, " said Joe indifferently.

"Alright, I'll wait. That's my car, " said Jean, while pointing at a white sports car not far away from the place she was standing.

"Go to your car and wait for me inside. I'm in no mood to hear my pals talking about you and me together, " said Joe.

"As you wish, " answered Jean.

out of the school building carrying his backpack. He handed the leave application to the porter and then walked out through the

he got inside Jean's car, Joe asked, "What

know a good restaurant?"

cuisine is fine with me, " answered

nearby, " replied Jean. She then started the car's engine and drove away.

speaking, she actually liked Joe, and

just lowered his head and

all around his mouth, and when Jean saw this, she hastily grabbed some tissues and wiped them off. "Take your

the stains off of his mouth, he raised his head,

a big

silent again, and he lowered his head

child, it

" answered

and if she hadn't caused Emily's death because of her selfishness, Cherry wouldn't have left Jackson in the first place. Joe would have lived in the city, and would have had a complete childhood, and if she had behaved herself properly,

suddenly dropped his chopsticks, and glowered at Jean. "What do you want?" asked Joe, apparently

It was just some casual talk, " quickly

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