Ice and Fire

Chapter 275 God-like Person (Part One)

Joe saw the hate in Jean's eyes, and he felt that she looked very terrified and very determined at the same time.

Joe asked, "What did my Daddy do to you?" He thought to himself, 'Has my Daddy had his revenge on her? Before I was born, what happened between Daddy, Mommy, this Jean and the woman Sally He?'

Jean became even more irate, and said, "You're not qualified to know that."

Joe looked at Jean, and asked, "Do you hate my Daddy and Mommy?"

"Yes, and I also hate you! I hate you because you're Jackson's son!" replied Jean. She wanted to glare at him and hate him, but when she looked at Joe, she realized that she couldn't, and she had no idea why.

Joe looked at her and didn't feel terrific. He calmly added, "So why don't you kill me? Why don't you hurt me?"

Joe knew that a man like his Daddy certainly had enemies, and if they wanted to take their revenge on him, they would naturally come to hurt him first, because he was an easy and effective target.

Jean didn't reply him immediately; instead, she paused for a second, and then coldly said, "I'm not in a hurry. You're just a kid, and anyway I know how to control you."

Joe said, "Yes, yes. You look really smart."

Jean slightly smiled at him, and said, "Of course I'm smarter than you. Do you think that I lived for so long without learning anything on the way?"

be half as clever as you are!" But in fact he thought that his aunt was actually very silly, and that she was no match for him in terms

that Joe was admiring her. She laughed, and said, "You should be a good boy and stay in school. I'm telling you this because not only I,

astonished, and hastily asked, "Are

"Of course they are! What? Do you really think that your Daddy managed to become so powerful without having

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to them? You weren't even born

and my Mommy doesn't know about any of these things!" He acted just

things that your Daddy has done; all that she does is to stay with him all day long, without any idea of what kind of person your Daddy actually is, " replied Jean. It was more than obvious that Jean looked down

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couldn't restrain herself any longer, and said, "Your Daddy is a selfish bastard! Years ago he killed many people to get what he wanted, and he even banned one of his closest

some pretty useful information,

on airs, as if Joe was

Daddy's friends are around him, " said Joe, while pretending to think of his Daddy's

realized that she had already talked more than she had to, and when she wanted to speak out Mond's name, she remembered what kind of person he really was. If Mond ever found out that she had uttered his

is it?" He hoped that Jean would tell him who the man was, and he

while, and then said to Joe,

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