Ice and Fire

Chapter 276 God-like Person (Part Two)

While Joe was eating his ice cream, he said, "Aunt Jean, could you please take me to school now? I have classes in the afternoon."

"Get in the car, " said Jean.

"Okay, " replied Joe, as he turned around and got in the car.

While Jean was driving, she asked Joe, "How's the ice cream?"

"It's good."

Joe then suddenly thought of something, and as he looked at her face, he asked, "Aunt Jean, will you meet me and buy me ice cream next time?"

Jean was surprised, and thought to herself, 'Next time? Does Joe want to see me again?'

Joe saw that Jean didn't say anything. He pretended to be helpless, and said, "Never mind! Next time I'll ask my Uncle Wilson to buy me ice cream."

After Jean heard his words, she hastily said, "I'll come to see you in a couple of days again, and I'll buy you ice cream then."

Joe then suddenly looked at Jean, and cheerfully said, "Thank you, Aunt Jean!"

Joe was very delighted, and thought to himself, 'This silly aunt still doesn't have a clue about my true intentions. I just want to get information out of her, and ice cream is the perfect excuse.'

away, he wanted to turn around and go back to school, but he found that there were two men dressed in black clothes

and was confused, and he wondered

his teacher would still say nothing, because he was Jackson's son, and his teacher catered

At first, Joe walked slowly, but

the two men saw that Joe was looking back, they didn't dare to come close to him, because their boss,

around as they followed

suddenly ran to another alley and hid in a corner. He leaned against

said, "We

said, "Where could he had gone to? Let's go forward and check if he's anywhere

appeared from the

didn't know what to do anymore.

the two guards, and asked, "Are

guards looked at Joe, and after he thought for a while, he

Joe. He thought that they were very silly to say such

and as he looked at the two, said, "I know that you're sent by my Daddy. Am

them to keep everything

clothes as you guarded the villa everyday." Joe believed that what he saw

more to say in their defense because

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